Mary Doyle Roche September 25, 2020
Published in 2002, ‘Year of Wonders’ is set in a 17th-century English plague town.
Ron Marasco September 18, 2020
Terry Eagleton's new book on tragedy can be a difficult read.
Nicholas D. Sawicki September 18, 2020
John D. Feerick’s memoir engages important chapters in American urban, intellectual and legal history.
Robert Pattinson as Preston Teagardin in ‘The Devil All the Time’ (photo Cr. Glen Wilson/Netflix © 2020)
John Anderson September 16, 2020
“The Devil All the Time” is a story of fathers and sons, serial killers, religious frauds and fundamentalist lunatics.
Dev Patel as David Copperfield (photo: FilmNation Entertainment)
John Anderson August 28, 2020
“Copperfield” on the page or on the screen is a moral fable, the story of a boy growing into a moral man
Joe Pagetta August 21, 2020
Drawing on her years as a Baptist minister and nursing home chaplain, Lynn Casteel Harper asks the reader to reconsider much of the stigma—and terminology—that we place on people diagnosed with dementia.