Santiago Ramos November 04, 2019
Humanities education is imperiled and undervalued in an a society that worships short-term usefulness, writes Santiago Ramos. But there is a rebellion in defense of educating the soul.
Nathan Beacom October 23, 2019
The current opioid crisis has strong parallels to drug addiction in Victorian England, writes Nathan Beacom, and the struggles of the Catholic poet Francis Thompson.
Sean Salai, S.J. October 07, 2019
Mr. Pearce, an English-born Catholic critic, talks about the latest developments in research on Shakespeare's faith life.
Associated Press September 03, 2019
A Catholic school in Tennessee has removed the Harry Potter books from its library after the school’s priest decided they could cause a reader to conjure evil spirits.
Jeffrey Meyers August 21, 2019
In his new biography of Henrik Ibsen, Ivo de Figueiredo describes the story of the suffering artist, his father’s bankruptcy, his years as an apothecary’s assistant and his role as writer and theater manager.