Candida Moss June 26, 2020
Two recently published books from Oxford University Press address the variegated and multifaced character of sin in the New Testament.
Deniz Demirer June 26, 2020
His vivid firsthand experiences on the job as a police officer are recounted extensively in Adam Plantinga's new book.
Patrick Gilger, S.J. June 26, 2020
Leslie Woodcock Tentler's new book is both a rigorous and laudable effort to cure American Catholics of the illusion that our desires have no history.
Dominic Lynch June 26, 2020
Ross Douthat explores the cultural, economic and political torpor that he thinks has emerged in the United States over the last half-century.
Francis X. Talbot June 16, 2020
An America editor waited 14 years for his chance, but then he came out swinging against James Joyce.
James F. Keenan June 12, 2020
Nualy Kenny's new book on clergy sex abuse reminds us there are solutions to this deep crisis that need to be implemented with urgency.