Ashley McKinless September 07, 2018
Review of ‘Social Creature,’ by Tara Isabella Burton
Joyce Kilmer’s popularity is evidenced by the many things named after him (photo: Wikipedia).
Stephen Werner July 27, 2018
The celebrated writer is best known for his 1913 poem “Trees.”
Photo: AP
Christopher Sandford July 13, 2018
Though ‘lapsed,’ the prolific author was obsessed with the church.
America Staff July 05, 2018
Mr. Klay will be awarded the $25,000 George W. Hunt, S.J., Prize at ceremony in September.
Maurice Timothy Reidy June 29, 2018
Patrick Samway draws from letters to paint a picture of an editor and a writer who rarely met in person but who nonetheless forged a close bond.
Image: RCA
Jim McDermott May 16, 2018
Gambino’s new video for ‘This is America’ is an experience of radical interruption, one that O’Connor would have appreciated.