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The Editors December 21, 2017
“Good nonfiction may teach us what to believe, but fiction teaches us how.”
Elizabeth Desimone November 30, 2017
In a roundabout way, Pullman does Christians a service by writing his anti-Christian books.
Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill November 02, 2017
A survey of children's books that put a human face on the complexities of America’s past
James T. Keane October 25, 2017
An introduction to America's Fall Literary Review 2017.
Ted Gioia October 24, 2017
Much like Virgil in the pages of Hermann Broch’s book, we need to decide almost daily what we stand up for and when—and what price we are willing to pay for our convictions.
Colleen Dulle October 18, 2017
Poet Kim Bridgford hopes to publish an essay on every woman poet who has ever lived through the Mezzo Cammin Women Poets Timeline, which she edits.