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FaithScripture Reflections
Kerry Weber
A Reflection for Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent, by Kerry Weber
Delaney Coyne
You’ve probably seen the little cardboard boxes that pop up in classrooms, dining rooms and churches during Lent. But do you know the history of C.R.S.’s Operation Rice Bowl?
Professor Terence Sweeney joins Jesuitical to talk about Exodus 90—why people love it, what it leaves out and what Catholics who don’t participate can learn from it.
Arts & CultureFilm
Simcha Fisher
It’s the first Friday in Lent, and you know what that means: Mandatory Lent Film Party! At least, that’s what it means at our house.
Cindy Wooden - Catholic News Service
During Lent, Pope Francis said, Catholics—and especially Catholic seminarians—should rediscover the joy of simplicity, and pay less attention to their appearance and more to their prayer lives.
America Staff
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