J.D. Long-García September 15, 2020
With a global pandemic, ongoing racial tensions and the presidential election, Hispanic Heritage Month is looking a little different in 2020.
J.D. Long-García September 14, 2020
Everyone dies, but not all cultures observe death in the same way.
In a new initiative, the Diocese of Joliet, Ill. will partner with the Leadership Roundtable to train Latino leaders in serving the church in the United States.
J.D. Long-García August 31, 2020
The United States is going through a national examination of conscience on the question of race, and the Latino community is no exception.
Carolyn Alessio August 19, 2020
Just feeling good is spiritually different from the sensation of feeling one’s “heart drawn to God,” even if the circumstances are outwardly negative, bleak.
Demonstrators in Denver advocate for Black, indigenous and Latino communities July 4, 2020. (CNS photo/Kevin Mohatt, Reuters)
The Black Lives Matter movement is an opportunity for Latino Catholics to express solidarity. “Tu lucha es mi lucha,” or "your struggle is my struggle,” write Adrienne Alexander and Michael N. Okińczyc-Cruz.