Antonio De Loera-Brust July 02, 2019
If the frontier of the U.S.-Mexico border represents the America that would exclude me, space is the frontier that invites me.
R.W. Dellinger June 28, 2019
Another way to get inside the heads of gang members: look at the early childhood loss they’ve suffered.
Mike Seay June 27, 2019
St. Peter's University and America Media hosted a discussion that focused on the challenges facing Latino communities in the United States.
America Films June 24, 2019
What is life really like on the border? Do people feel unsafe and what is the current security like?
A Latin American family gathers at Notre Dame aux Riches Claires in Brussels. Photo by Melissa Vida.
Melissa Vida June 04, 2019
In a country where the Hispanic community is dispersed and Latin American restaurants and organizations are few, Notre Dame aux Riches Claires is the go-to gathering place for migrants and refugees who want to be reminded of home.
J.D. Long-García March 07, 2019
Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona moved the Casa Alitas shelter for asylum seekers to the monastery in January. Their previous location in Tucson was not big enough to accommodate the influx of asylum seekers.