Latin America

His face painted red with urucum, a man participates in a march by indigenous people through the streets of Atalaia do Norte in Brazil's Amazon region on March 27, 2019. Indigenous were protesting a central government plan to turn control of health care over to municipalities, in effect destroying a federal program of indigenous health care. (CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey)
Eduardo Campos Lima September 20, 2019
But the Pan-Amazon Synod’s organizers say much of the unhappiness with the its working document simply reflects Eurocentricism. Many critics “have little knowledge of the Amazon and in some cases have no commitment to its people.”
J.D. Long-García September 20, 2019
The first Latino pope and Hispanic Heritage Month
Nicaragua's bishops urged unity, dialogue and a willingness to overcome a "crisis of trust" as the Central American country celebrated its independence on Sept. 15.
Catholic News Service September 10, 2019
A major human rights crisis was triggered after police forces and pro-government groups cracked down on nationwide protests that began in April 2018 against a series of reforms mandated by President Daniel Ortega.
The Editors August 30, 2019
October’s Synod on the Amazon gives the church an opportunity to hear the cries of the earth and the people of this richly diverse, life-giving and fragile region.
Catholic News Service August 26, 2019
Describing the Amazon rainforest as "vital for our planet," Pope Francis joined the regions bishops in praying for action to extinguish the massive fires burning there.