Latin America

Pandemic or not, the work of providing care and assistance for others continues with members of the Focolare movement helping Venezuelan migrants in Columbia.
Catholic News Service July 02, 2020
A federal judge has ruled that a Trump administration policy regarding asylum seekers was unlawfully implemented.
"We see with increasing urgency the need for a state intelligently existing and dialoguing with the community to respond to the emergency produced by the pandemic," they said.
Kukama boys watch boats on the Amazon's Maranon River near Dos de Mayo in Peru's Loreto region. As the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic increasingly exposes fault lines between the rich and poor, the eight bishops of Peru's Amazonian region have urged the government to pay particular attention to the needs of indigenous people. (CNS photo/Barbara Fraser)
Gerard O’Connell June 30, 2020
Vatican officials said the Ecclesial Conference of the Amazon aims to be “an effective channel for taking up, from within the territory, many of the proposals that emerged” at the Pan-Amazonian synod.
Bishop Mark J. Seitz of El Paso, Texas has said that the Trump Administration's restrictive immigration measures are literally sending migrants to their death.
In a report, Refugees International claims that U. S. immigration policy of denying asylum to Guatemalans--in addition to poor living conditions--has led to the spread of coronavirus throughout the Americas.