Latin America

John Anderson January 08, 2020
A visit to the pope’s old haunts.
The Bolivia Child Welfare Agency estimated that in 2014, there were 14,000 cases of rape of children and women nationally.
About 70,000 people live in Rocinha, making it the most populous favela in Rio de Janeiro. iStockphoto
Eduardo Campos Lima December 23, 2019
The increasing number of fatal acts of police are among the emerging concerns addressed by the Pastoral of Favelas, an archdiocesan commission created 42 years ago to respond to the needs of Rio’s slum dwellers.
Wells of Hope also is building homes for those in the community.
Jan-Albert Hootsen December 10, 2019
Mr. LeBarón, the family's spokesperson, said he hopes he can channel the grief and anger over the killings into a broad social movement. “We want to unite the whole country. We want a social movement, not a political one,” he said.
Blessed Miller was beatified Dec. 7 in Huehuetenango, where he was remembered as a martyr for education.