Fernando Karadima
The Associated Press
A Chilean priest defrocked by the pope in 2018 for having sexually abused minors has died at 90.
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Jenny Shank
The American dream exerts a magnetic pull in Patricia Engel’s new novel.
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Cecilia González-Andrieu
My childhood in Cuba made me prize critical thought. It also made me aware that extremism for the sake of power results in the erosion of truth and agency.
A street child in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil in May 2019. iStock photo.
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Eduardo Campos Lima
“In every large city in Brazil, you can now see a greater number of kids begging for money or selling candy on the streets than before the pandemic.”
Anti-government protesters hide behind makeshift shields during clashes with the police in Bogota, Colombia, Wednesday, June 9, 2021. The protests have been triggered by proposed tax increases on public services, fuel, wages and pensions. (AP Photo/Ivan Valencia)
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Filipe Domingues
What began on April 28 as a public reaction to a tax reform proposal from President Iván Duque has expanded into a massive mobilization of broad discontent.
Lise Alves - Catholic News Service
Dubbed the Xingu screech owl, the little creature was given a scientific name of “Megascops stangiae” in honor of the late Sister Dorothy Stang, who was assassinated in 2005 in Anapu, Brazil, while fighting for the Amazon forest and its people.