Angelo Jesus Canta June 13, 2018
The issue at the heart of this debacle is the slur “Christ-killer.”
Jon M. Sweeney April 24, 2018
Every Christian needs a better understanding of the Jewish origins of his or her faith.
The kidnapping became an international scandal and contributed to the anti-clerical sentiment sweeping across Europe.
A popular proposed law could land Jewish and Muslim parents in prison for up to six years for circumcising their infant boys. 
Rabbi Daniel F. Polish March 30, 2018
There are deeper, underlying commonalities that join the two holidays.
Raymond E. Brown March 30, 2018
In liturgically celebrating the truth and power of the passion narratives, however, we must be equally energetic in proclaiming, as did Pope John Paul II on the Auschwitz anniversary: “Never again anti-Semitism!”