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Arts & CultureFilm
Jim McDermott
While the path to creating a great story about Jesus is filled with good intentions, there are also a lot of landmines.
a statue of mary with baby jesus in front of a blue background
FaithFaith in Focus
Colleen Dulle
My relationship with Mary is complicated. I couldn't see the appeal of Marian devotion until I had a baby and understood how she embodies the life-giving sacrifice of motherhood.
the iesus christus rex iudaeorum atop the crucifix in diego velazquez painting of jesus on the ross
FaithThe Good Word
Terrance Klein
A Homily for Good Friday, by Terrance Klein
Adam Sandler on stage at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
FaithFaith in Focus
Jim McDermott
I’ve been thinking about Adam Sandler’s body of work as a whole, and I’ve realized that the kind of characters he often plays may have something to teach us about, well, Jesus. 
Arts & CultureShort Take
Jim McDermott
The Super Bowl ads are effective precisely because they’re less interested in Jesus and more interested in getting us to think about our choices.
FaithScripture Reflections
Ashley McKinless
A Reflection for the Thursday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time, by Ashley McKinless