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The United States has dithered on establishing any policy to help bring an end to a conflict now in its eighth decade.
Ramez al-Masri, 39, navigates the edge of a crater where his home was destroyed by an air-strike prior to a cease-fire reached after an 11-day war between Gaza's Hamas rulers and Israel, Sunday, May 23, 2021, in Beit Hanoun, the northern Gaza Strip. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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Kevin Clarke
“Violence is also in the language, in the political decisions, in the conditions of life under which the Gaza population has been living many years.”
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What’s going on in the Holy Land—and what’s at the root of the problem? Why should Catholics care?
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Michael J. O’Loughlin
The humanitarian needs were already huge without Covid and without the aggression,” Bassam Nasser, who leads the Gaza office for Catholic Relief Services, told America on May 20. “You can imagine, when you add those two challenges, the crisis will become huge.”
Inside the Vatican
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell and host Colleen Dulle take a look at Pope Francis’ goals for the region and where they have been stalled in the past.
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Gerard O’Connell
Pope Francis today expressed his “very great concern” at the armed clashes in Gaza and Israel and made an urgent, passionate appeal “to those with the responsibility” to bring a ceasefire and “to walk the path of peace.”