Israel Palestine

Kevin Clarke April 11, 2019
According to Father David Neuhaus, the Israeli political leadership in recent years has “only mouthed support” for a peace process that concludes with two independent states “and now no longer does even that.”
Eloise Blondiau March 26, 2019
Israel’s upcoming election, which takes place on April 9, is casting uncertainty over House of Grace’s future.
According to Father Elias Mallon, a Franciscan Friar who is the external affairs officer of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, the likelihood of a two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict appears ever unlikely.
Eloise Blondiau November 29, 2018
Rasha Nahas: “The story I bring with me being a Palestinian artist born in Haifa.”
The controversial Israeli Nation State law must be repealed because non-Jews also are citizens of Israel, said the Catholic ordinaries of the Holy Land.
God gives everyone a mission, the mission he gave Diana George Babish is to take care of the abused and abandoned animals in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.