The cast of ‘Father Ted,’ from left clockwise: Pauline McLynn, Dermot Morgan, Ardal O'Hanlon and Frank Kelly (photo: Alamy/Moviestore Collection Ltd)
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Addison Del Mastro
“Father Ted” can be seen as both a relic of an Irish moment and a humorous, but serious, argument against the confessional state.
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Michelle Smith
Bloomsday is an ideal time to find the humor that springs forth in ‘Ulysses.’
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Michael Kelly - Catholic News Service
A coroner in Northern Ireland ruled that a priest and nine lay Catholics who were shot dead by British troops almost 50 years ago were “entirely innocent” and their deaths were unjustified.
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Catholic News Service
The Catholic bishop of Belfast urged politicians to be more careful about their language as the city was engulfed in nightly violence.
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James T. Keane
The two most recent selections by the Catholic Book Club couldn't have been more different: A look at Thomas Jefferson's quixotic attempt to rewrite the Bible, and Niall Williams's richly evocative novel about a small village in the west of Ireland.
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Tom Deignan
Something has changed for the novelist John Banville in the last 15 years. In a twist worthy of his own byzantine fiction, Banville has adopted a new persona and writing style, and even—perhaps—a changed attitude toward “the Irish thing” he once derided.