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peace wall between sets of houses, looking down from a helicopter or plane. one side is catholic and one protestant, though that is not visible here
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Michael Kelly - Catholic News Service
For the first time ever, more people in Northern Ireland identify as Catholic than Protestant, 101 years after the jurisdiction was founded with a Protestant majority in mind.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth, center, enters Croke Park stadium with Ireland's President Mary McAleese and Gaelic Athletic Association President Christy Cooney in Dublin May 18, 2011. The stadium was the scene of the 1920 Bloody Sunday massacre, in which British troops killed 12 people at a soccer match. During her visit to Ireland, the queen offered her sympathy and regret to all who had suffered from centuries of conflict between Britain and Ireland. (CNS photo/Reuters)
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Kevin Hargaden
The tributes and gestures from the leaders of Irish political parties long established in the European mainstream came as no surprise. What came as something of a shock—especially to some of their supporters—were statements issued by the leaders of Sinn Féin, the party most associated with the Irish Republican Army.
FaithNews Analysis
Gerry O'Hanlon, S.J.
For all the buzz surrounding its publication, the Irish synod synthesis is both sober and humble in tone and yet inspiring and hopeful.
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Joseph Peschel
In his new 10-story collection, Roddy Doyle tells stories of catastrophes—unemployment, a deadly storm and Covid-19—and their socioeconomic and psychological fallout on Irish families.
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James T. Keane
Fintan O’Toole reflects on the last 64 years in Ireland—a time when Irish life was almost completely transformed.
The author, his father and his infant son outdoors in front of a tree.
FaithFaith in Focus
John Dougherty
Our shared name is a constant reminder that the work I do today is not on behalf of some shapeless ideal of a better world, but for the world that my children will grow up in.