Francis X. Talbot June 16, 2020
An America editor waited 14 years for his chance, but then he came out swinging against James Joyce.
John Murray, a Catholic, said: "The Irish civil rights movement (that served as a precursor to the Troubles) was directly influenced by the African American civil rights movement of the late 1960s."
Edward Hoyt June 15, 2020
Black men strung up and lynched by Irish-Americans in New York, in the midst of the Civil War. It turns the stomach to acknowledge, but the truth is unavoidable.
The Northern Ireland Assembly has voted 46-40 to reject as "extreme" the new abortion law passed by the British parliament, which would be binding upon the province.
An Irish Dominican brother from Belfast who trained as a doctor is using his training to help patients during the pandemic in his hometown.
Tourists in Dublin walk with face masks to curb the spread of coronavirus on March 15, 2020. With all St. Patrick's Day parades and events canceled due to restrictions aimed at containing the coronavirus pandemic, most bishops and priests celebrated St. Patrick's Day Masses via webcam or parish radio. (CNS photo/Lorraine O'Sullivan, Reuters)
"The strength of a culture is seen, not when things are going well, but when crisis strikes," Bishop Donal McKeown of Derry said March 17 in his St. Patrick's Day homily in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.