Interreligious Dialogue

Abraham Skorka January 15, 2019
In preparation for the gathering in Abu Dhabi, I find myself asking why my conversations with the future Pope Francis so powerfully affected both of us.
James T. Keane December 10, 2018
How should Christians interpret and implement the Gospel mandate to bring the good news to all peoples and nations?
A young man on Oct. 29 at a makeshift memorial outside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. (CNS photo/Cathal McNaughton, Reuters)
John J. Conley November 02, 2018
First, we need to address the very image of God we present in our worship.
Jordan Denari Duffner October 24, 2018
Two timely texts can help elevate our thinking and improve the ways we relate to our Muslim brothers and sisters.
Nicholas Zinos July 26, 2018
The scene of the Rev. Jacques Hamel’s martyrdom is striking because the town is so ordinary and peaceful. It is hard to believe that such a brutal attack could take place here.
The Cathedral of St. Mary in Toledo, Spain (photo: Wikimedia)
Menachem Wecker July 13, 2018
Darker layering shapes the tourist experience in ways that are not always apparent or transparent.