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Kevin Clarke
The journey to Iraq will be a high-risk standout among the pope’s various efforts to bring attention to the church’s margins.
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Vanessa Gera - Associated Press
A Polish court on Tuesday acquitted three activists who had been accused of desecration and offending religious feelings for producing and distributing images of a revered Roman Catholic icon altered to include the LGBT rainbow.
Sts. Paul and Peter Catholic Church in Baie-Saint-Paul, near Quebec City. (CNS photo/Philippe Vaillancourt, Presence)
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Dean Dettloff
“A prophetic church like [the one sought by Pope Francis], highlighting social justice and solidarity with the destitute and the persecuted, has the potential of closing the chasm between the church and the modern, secular culture of Quebec.”
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Patrick Egwu
The growing attacks on priests and their ministries has left many living in fear. “The security situation is not just bad; it is extremely so,” said Father Bassey. “You want to hurry to get back home; you don’t want to be in a lonely place; you can’t step out and take a stroll.
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Bridget Ryder
Spanish bishops published their own letter on the issue last December, “Sowers of Hope,” in which they reminded Catholics that “there is no one that can’t be cared for even if they are incurable.”
Women inmates with their faces obscured to protect their privacy are pictured at the Dacar Prison Unit 5 in São Paulo. (CNS photo/courtesy Prison Pastoral Ministry of Brazil)
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Eduardo Campos Lima
The Brazilian Constitution secures the right of women who are incarcerated to breastfeed their babies for six months. The law also allows them to serve their time at home. The decision is left to a judge.