Alicia von Stamwitz at age 6 (Photo courtesy of the author)
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Alicia von StamwitzJuly 05, 2017
I want to believe things are better now for immigrants, but I fear things are getting worse.
African migrants gather at the Caritas diocesan center in Palmero, Sicily, on June 1. (CNS photo/Dale Gavlak)
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The latest survivors of the dangerous sea voyage across the Mediterranean from Libya as European Union leaders expressed alarm at the rising numbers of migrants flooding into Italy.
Beatriz Mejia of El Salvador speaks at a rally in front of the White House in Washington in March 2016 in support of immigrant families who are seeking asylum. (CNS photo/Tyler Orsburn)
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Can a Catholic carry out his or her job duties in good conscience if they include the deportation of people facing imminent death in their home countries?
Los Angeles ordinations in 2017. Photo courtesy of the Jesuit Conference.
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Jim McDermottJune 21, 2017
The consolidation is a work in progress. The brethren have mixed feelings about it, and their provincials know it.
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Britanny HamamaJune 20, 2017
The one thing that has been getting me and my family through this all has been the power of prayer.
Members of the local Chaldean community gather outside the Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building on June 16 to protest the arrest and detention of more than 100 Chaldean Christians from the Detroit area. (CNS photo/Dan Meloy, The Michigan Catholic)
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Organizers said those who were detained had no prior warning that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would be arresting them the morning of June 11.