J.D. Long-García April 06, 2018
“They are also separating families, mothers from their children, at the border. That sends a definite signal, ‘Don’t come.’”
Vivian Cabrera April 06, 2018
The paradox of being from two places but having no real home is a phenomenon all immigrants grapple with. Jorge Ramos is no stranger to that experience.
Photographer David Taylor talks about his work on the U.S.-Mexico border in studio in Tucson, Ariz. (J.D. Long-García)
J.D. Long-García April 06, 2018
In his photography, David Taylor shies away from stereotypes.
Olga Segura April 06, 2018
Like soap operas in the United States, telenovelas began on the radio, with 30-minute daytime segments geared toward housewives in Latin America.
A baile folklórico dancer with Balet Alianza Latina performs during a celebration honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas, in Houston in December 2016. (CNS photo/Victor Aleman, Angelus News)
Antonio De Loera-Brust April 06, 2018
Within the U.S. Catholic Church, Latinos are on the path to becoming the new majority. But with a diversity of national origins, the Latino community cannot be limited to one voice.
The Editors April 06, 2018
The Americas are one landmass. The fates of its states and its people are inseparable.