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Hosffman Ospino
Any Hispanic student should be able to say, “One day I want to be a teacher—or a leader—like my Hispanic teacher.”
Bishop Rolando José Álvarez Lagos of Matagalpa, Nicaragua prays at a Catholic church in Managua, Nicaragua.
Catholic News Service
Bishop Rolando Álvarez Lagos of Matagalpa was accused of conspiracy to undermine the country and propagate false news, according to a statement from the courts in the national capital, Managua.
Juan Billarruem and Maria Bonilla play the part of Joseph and Mary seeking refuge on the night of Christ's birth during a posada at Holy Redeemer Parish in Detroit, Mich., on Dec. 19, 2001. (CNS photo by Audrey Sommers, Michigan Catholic) 
FaithLast Take
Elaine Ayala
The Christmastime sing-along and re-enactment of the Holy Family’s quest for lodging is a joyous Latino tradition that can be shared by all Catholics.
sebastian gomes stands next to a man who is featured in the people of god video. they stand in front of a plywood-boarded up church entrance. sebastian wears a red shirt, the man an orange one
FaithYour Take
Our readers
In October, America Media released a groundbreaking documentary meant to deepen the ongoing conversation about the Catholic Church in the United States.
A massive drought in southern Madagascar, with a dried up river.
Politics & SocietyNews
Alejandra Molina - Religion News Service
A recent study from the international humanitarian agency Catholic Relief Services (CRS) found that American Catholics were more likely to express that climate change is a shared responsibility than their non-Catholic counterparts.
Two women in habit look over a ledge at a large crowd of people holding flags
Politics & SocietyExplainer
Gabriela Selser - Associated PressMaría Teresa Hernández - Associated Press
For five years, the government and church of Nicaragua have been at odds over protests and state corruption.