Higher Education

Santiago Ramos November 04, 2019
Humanities education is imperiled and undervalued in an a society that worships short-term usefulness, writes Santiago Ramos. But there is a rebellion in defense of educating the soul.
Rachel Lu November 01, 2019
What has football contributed to American Catholicism? What has Catholicism contributed to American football? For Catholics, it is particularly worth revisiting Notre Dame’s unique story.
M. Katherine Tillman October 28, 2019
Fr. Theodore Hesburgh's somewhat idiosyncratic relation to St. John Henry Newman’s capacious mind on Catholic higher education.
Jesuitical October 11, 2019
A conversation with Gabriella Jeakle about learning to live with loneliness at college and beyond
Christian organizations are urging California Gov. Gavin Newsom to veto a bill that would require the state’s public universities to offer abortion medication through campus health clinics. 
Ryan J. Marr October 09, 2019
Newman, like all of the saints, is perennially relevant because holiness never goes out of style.