Higher Education

Programs in electricity, plumbing and other practical skills can allow students to get high-paying jobs immediately after high school graduation. In some cases, they earn enough to return to school. (iStock/Georgijevic)
Mary McAuliffe January 24, 2019
Catholic high schools should not be limited to the college-bound. In order to serve all communities, they must also serve students who wish to avoid college debt and to go straight into the workforce.
Recognizing the ritual nature of scientific inquiry will allow universities to undertake that inquiry in a manner that better serves its mission.
Emma Winters January 07, 2019
The new documentary ‘Hesburgh’ highlights stories of bridge building by the legendary university president
Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J. December 28, 2018
Notre Dame is proud of its slogan: “God, Country, Notre Dame” (in that order). But the ease with which the punctuation slides into “God Country: Notre Dame” has a lot to do with football.
Noteworthy books on the Bible from the past year address a broad range of issues, including the relationship of religion to science and what the Bible has to say about wealth and poverty.
Auxiliary Bishop Robert F. Morneau of Green Bay, Wis., delivers his homily during the 2011 outdoor “Mass on the Grass” welcoming students to the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. (CNS photo/Sam Lucero, The Compass)
Brandon Sanchez November 30, 2018
The report examined two distinct approaches to campus ministry. Degree-educated staff tend to emphasize public service, but missionary-trained staff are more likely to focus on students’ personal relationships with God.