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Jerome Donnelly
With his new book 'The Critical Revolutionaries,' Terry Eagleton focuses on the scholars who revolutionized literary study and foreshadowed the New Criticism movement that became widespread in mid-century American universities.
Three men put metal sheets on the roof of a shed
Politics & SocietyGoodNews
Christopher Parker
Since 2019, Ignacio House has housed 15 “resident scholars” who study at N.Y. colleges and universities at a site in the Bronx.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Cheryl Moore-ThomasJennifer Abe
Jesuit colleges and universities can and must embrace anti-racism efforts by drawing from our mission.
Podcast episodes and YouTube videos featuring Father Michael Schmitz rack up thousands, even millions, of views. But for students at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Father Mike isn’t a celebrity priest. He’s their chaplain.
Father Joseph M. McShane, S.J. passes the ceremonial university mace to Tania Tetlow during her inauguration ceremony on October 14, 2022. Photo by Bruce Gilbert/Fordham University.
Christopher Parker
Tania Tetlow said she will refuse complacency and “what is easy,” instead putting the university’s efforts into addressing its difficulties.
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Paul Lakeland
While a new book of letters between Jack Miles and Mark C. Taylor uses the early months of the pandemic as the background and occasion for their letters, the friendship they display is vastly more interesting.