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Joseph P. Creamer July 30, 2018
Your mom’s gone. That’s what people told me during the last year of my mother’s life when she suffered from dementia.
Thomas W. McGovern July 27, 2018

Patients and doctors are allies separated by a common language: suffering.

The Diocese of Rome formally opened the sainthood process for a young Italian wife and mother who avoided inducing a premature birth and invasive treatment for cancer while she was pregnant.
The recipient of welfare money has to work at a job, be actively seeking a job or take part in a job training program -- and be able to document it -- to receive the cash assistance. Those who don't are at risk of having their funds cut off for months. For repeat offenders, it could be years.
An English bishop warned Catholics to be alert to the possible deliberate killings of seriously ill patients in state-funded hospitals.
Simcha Fisher June 18, 2018
Choosing death is choosing death, and that choice always comes from within a dark hole.