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Throughout the United States, thousands of women religious took on nursing duties in hospitals or clinics and went into private homes to offer food, medicine, comfort and even housecleaning to families affected by the Spanish flu.
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Elizabeth Grace Matthew March 20, 2020
Generation X came of age in a culture awash in dreams of women’s perpetual and idealized childhood being sold as feminist empowerment.
Simcha Fisher March 18, 2020
It is good to know that people are still people, still willing to visit each other, still willing to bring hope, still willing to share what they have.
Union Station's nearly deserted Main Hall in Washington, D.C., on Monday, March 16. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
Michael Rozier, S.J. March 17, 2020
We cannot allow the coronavirus to make us see others as a threat.
Brian P. Flanagan March 17, 2020
In this time in which we are not able to encounter Christ in the assembly or the Eucharist, we always have the opportunity to encounter Christ in the vulnerable.
Gerard O’Connell March 14, 2020
The coronavirus has become Italy's most major crisis since World War II.