Eve Tushnet
Although only a small minority of L.G.B.T. Catholics will ever seek conversion therapy, the assumptions underlying that therapy often influence the message many gay Catholics hear in the confessional and from friends and mentors.
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Simcha Fisher
I had to accept that it’s possible that there is no God. Or that there is, but he is a stranger. Instead of choosing to trust the church because trust was where I wanted to be, I deliberately stepped out, off the safety of the shore, into doubt.
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Alejandra Molina - Religion News Service
An app developed by Catholic Extension helps sisters to address the spiritual and mental health needs of Latino immigrants in their neighborhoods.
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Katie Scott - Catholic News Service
Vaccines for children are now getting attention — with questions about when will they be available, if they are necessary to end the pandemic and if Catholic parents should inoculate their children.
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Jack Jenkins - Religion News Service
There is hope for public health officials angling to push people toward vaccine acceptance through faith-based campaigns and messages.
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Geoffrey Watson
How do we speak to a generation that, at least on the surface, seems less and less prepared for the difficulties it will face?