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Food insecurity has a profound effect on single parent families, especially during a pandemic.
Pope Francis said that when it comes to treating patients, especially women, doctors and medical institutions should place their care above financial gain.
Catholic News Service August 27, 2020
Catholic bishops are urging governments all over the world to prioritize coronavirus vaccines that are ethically developed and are also telling Catholics that not getting vaccinated is a "serious moral problem."
Many parishes lack resources, having not received money in the collection basket because of suspended services.
At the Joyce Center, a new retreat house for the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., full length windows offer views of the reservoir below, over which the sun rises each morning (photo: Tom Rettig).
Jim McDermott August 21, 2020
These modern retreat centers are helping people grow closer to God.
Joe Pagetta August 21, 2020
Drawing on her years as a Baptist minister and nursing home chaplain, Lynn Casteel Harper asks the reader to reconsider much of the stigma—and terminology—that we place on people diagnosed with dementia.