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a silhouette of a man smoking in front of the vatican
Carol Glatz - Catholic News Service
The Catholic Church played a major role in bringing tobacco to Italy, which is still the number one producer of raw tobacco in the European Union today.
a profile of a peaceful face colored with rainbow watercolors
John P. Dolan
I am a bishop, but before anything else, I am a human being who understands the severe toll of mental illness, especially when it is left untreated.
A stressed student with her head in her hands sitting in front of a laptop computer
FaithJesuit School Spotlight
Ryan Di Corpo
Life-threatening mental health concerns affecting U.S. teens have reached a crisis point, complicated by a laundry list of social issues.
New York police officers gather on the platform at a New York City subway stop after Jordan Neely was placed in a headlock by a fellow rider on a subway train on May 1, according to police officials and video of the encounter. Mr. Neely died of his injuries. (Paul Martinka via AP)
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Jenn Morson
Two recent tragedies, a death on a New York city subway train and a mass shooting in Texas, show that too many of us follow the temptation to describe others as less than human.
a young man in shadow sits with his head in his hands in an empty hallway
Politics & SocietyEditorials
The Editors
The crisis for teens is both psychological and spiritual, and it demands a response from both mental health and faith communities. How do we make our church again a place of belonging for young people who are hurting?
Arts & CultureBooks
Kaya Oakes
To face potential mortal illness with wry humor and a taste for the ironic takes a delicate touch, but that is what the United Church of Christ pastor and writer Molly Baskette does in her new book.