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Kevin Spinale October 02, 2018
Kate Bowler's memoir is an elegant theodicy exactly because it is not an explanation. It is a story of human suffering. It is the account of a human person who believes and struggles in her belief as she tries to appropriate the depths of suffering in the midst of an illness that may end her life.
Anne-Marie Drew September 28, 2018
When the suicide monster invades the psyche, more than kindness is required. More than toughing it out.
Catholics in the Arligton Diocese discuss the role addiction plays in community and family life.
Pennsylvania priest ministers to a family that had just lost a son to suicide.
Joseph P. Creamer July 30, 2018
Your mom’s gone. That’s what people told me during the last year of my mother’s life when she suffered from dementia.
Thomas W. McGovern July 27, 2018

Patients and doctors are allies separated by a common language: suffering.