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FaithFaith in Focus
Joshua Gray
The examen carved a space between me and the compulsion, just enough to breathe, to think and to make a deliberate choice.
Two men in dark suits in an embrace, perhaps at a funeral
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Nathan Beacom
A “chosen family” has its benefits, but it can also be a way of avoiding the accountability and personal growth found in long-term, committed, familial bonds.
Colleen Jurkiewicz
The church helped me heal after my miscarriage. That’s what every grieving mother deserves.
A photo of Aldous Huxley and Thomas Merton
Arts & CultureIdeas
Colm O’Shea
Aldous Huxley convinced me to try psychedelic drugs. Thomas Merton gave me a healthy suspicion of them.
Arts & CultureBooks
Daniel Burke
In 'Zero at the Bone,' Christian Wiman offers a prismatic series of 50 chapters (52, counting the mystical zeros at the beginning and end) featuring essays, poems, theological reflections, personal reminiscences and literary analyses.
FaithFaith in Focus
Valerie Schultz
When my grown daughter let me know how my words had impacted her, I regretted every time I said something negative about my body, not realizing the harm I was imprinting on my perfectly made young girls.