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Sue Do
Talking to God about my struggles came to be a crucial part of my mental health resilience and recovery.
Thomas J. Reese
Pope Francis needs to publicly appoint an agent to make decisions about his medical care for when he is no longer able to make them himself. Without this appointment, there will be confusion and division in the church.
Nicole Winfield - Associated Press
A smiling and standing pope patted the children on their heads as their parents held them, according to photos of the encounter released by the Vatican.
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Gerard O’Connell
Pope Francis had a temporary fever last evening, July 7. But routine microbiological examinations and a CT scan of his chest and abdomen carried out this morning came back negative.
Maria Cheng - Associated Press
Here's a look at what we know about the operation and what the pope's doctors will be watching out for.
Gloria Purvis
In this era of viral videos and the cult of social media personalities, understanding mental health and also the effects of celebrity priesthood is a conversation we must have.