Under a program called the Partnership for the Reconstruction of the Church in Haiti--PROCHE--the American Catholic Church, through financial donations, is assisting Haiti in rebuilding churches and schools which have been damaged during the 2010 earthquake.
In a country that has known its share of disasters and social upheaval, Haiti is trying to prepare for the pandemic as best as possible.
Unlike in the U.S., where an almost $2 trillion economic relief plan is in the works, Haiti doesn't have any such resources to give similar support to its people.
The disaster killed an estimated 220,000 people, injured more than 300,000 and left 1.5 million homeless.
The story sparked outrage in some Canadian Catholic circles.
Catholic News Service October 08, 2019
The Haitian bishops' justice and peace commission said that "a change in head of state is crucial as is a change in the way the authorities govern the country."