Matt Malone, S.J. June 14, 2019
Again, the bullet. Again, the agony. We are repeating the day over and over, writes Matt Malone, S.J.
The Editors June 05, 2019
In the past, a gun massacre would set off a necessary—though intractable—debate over gun control. This time, our collective feeling seemed to be: At least it was not children.
Catholic leaders are calling for prayer and action in response to the May 7 school shooting inside a charter school near Denver. One teenager died and eight other students were wounded.
Kathy Coffey April 05, 2019
From 2000: Perhaps the N.R.A. has met its match. All the money in the world cannot contend with the rage of a mother torn from her child.
Filipe Domingues March 15, 2019
Brazil is still reeling three days after 10 people were killed by two young men who assaulted a São Paulo suburban school on March 12.
That rampage killed at least 41 people, while an attack on a second mosque in the city not long after killed several more.