Catholic leaders are calling for prayer and action in response to the May 7 school shooting inside a charter school near Denver. One teenager died and eight other students were wounded.
Kathy Coffey April 05, 2019
From 2000: Perhaps the N.R.A. has met its match. All the money in the world cannot contend with the rage of a mother torn from her child.
Filipe Domingues March 15, 2019
Brazil is still reeling three days after 10 people were killed by two young men who assaulted a São Paulo suburban school on March 12.
That rampage killed at least 41 people, while an attack on a second mosque in the city not long after killed several more.
New Zealand's Catholic bishops have expressed their horror and distress at a terrorist attack in two mosques in Christchurch which saw at least 49 people killed.
Sharon Cohen December 13, 2018
Residents in the community often know who's behind shootings — there've been nearly 600 since 2016 — but the threat of gang retaliation has created an almost impenetrable code of silence.