Robert I. Craig November 13, 2018
I love this man who expressed his love with deeds and whose last deed will likely be his slipping away from me.
Anne-Marie Drew September 28, 2018
When the suicide monster invades the psyche, more than kindness is required. More than toughing it out.
Catholic News Service April 09, 2018
The 15 dead included 10 hockey players between the ages of 16 and 21, the team coach, radio broadcaster, bus driver and other team personnel.
Valerie Schultz April 06, 2018
Every year, my sister and I take the anniversary of each of our parents’ deaths off and spend it together. We go to the cemetery and to Mass, and gather the memories and the mourning into our arms and hearts for one more year.
Daniel J. Misleh February 22, 2018
If someone you know loses a loved one to suicide, show up, offer words of condolences and keep doing it.
“Christ in the House of His Parents,” by John Everett Millais (1849–50)
Terrance Klein December 29, 2017
No one can love us like family, and no one can hurt us like family.