James K. A. Smith January 24, 2020
I am still fascinated and humbled at the way people know what to do in the face of loss.
Joe Laramie, S.J. August 15, 2019
The car flipped over 10 times. Maybe 15. I woke up to steel smashing against cement, over and over, over and over. Glass shattered and flew in my face and hair.
At a time when trust in traditional authorities like the church and its clergy is strikingly low, young adults and others are employing new ways to support each other when bad news or tragedy arrives.
As a priest, ignoring my own emotions and how they may interact with the joys and pains of another is not an option.
Valerie Schultz July 03, 2019
We do not anticipate young mothers dying at a moment devoted to birth, and yet we know it happens. We know about death, and yet we are caught unawares by it.
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Julie Ann Monroe June 28, 2019
Like many people raised in an abusive environment, I also married a man who treated me with the disrespect and violence that I had been accustomed to.