Mélanie Thierry as Marguerite Duras in “Memoir of War.” © Music Box Films
Raymond A. Schroth, S.J. August 17, 2018
The film tells the story of a woman who worked for the German-controlled Vichy government but secretly joined the Resistance movement.
John Anderson August 01, 2018
Her gift for solving puzzles is not a superpower. It is not a cure for cancer. But it is an indication that inside Agnes has untapped intellect.
Author Andrew Solomon and his father, Howard Solomon, in Rachel Dretzin’s documentary "Far From the Tree." (Courtesy of Sundance Selects.)
John Anderson July 20, 2018
The documentary version of Andrew Solomon's book emphasizes the love parents have for children with autism, deafness and other unexpected identities.
Eve Tushnet July 17, 2018
In “Sorry to Bother You,” the system’s greatest threat—literal ownership of your time and person—is also its promise of relief.
Elsie Fisher (photo: A24)
John Anderson July 16, 2018
Bo Burnham’s new movie is a joyous reminder that 13 is not, in fact, the best year of your life.
Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios. Photo credit: © Lauren Greenfield, all rights reserved.
John Anderson July 13, 2018
Lauren Greenfield’s new documentary says little about spiritual emptiness and the desperate ways in which people try to fill it.