John Anderson October 12, 2018
Damien Chazelle’s "First Man" is a remarkably idiosyncratic movie, given the usual heroic/fantastic presentation on screen of space travel—or anything involving the heavens.
Eve Tushnet October 12, 2018
"The Wolf House" is a Chilean political horror film that explores the traumas of childhood abuse.
John Anderson October 04, 2018
“A Star Is Born” is not only among the most self-reflective of Hollywood vehicles but the most resilient; when clichés work they are called conventions.
Jim McDermott October 03, 2018
On the eve of Romero’s canonization, the film’s actors and writers look back at the seminal biopic
Haley Stewart October 02, 2018
While readers have found these characters relatable and inspiring since Little Women’s publication, the modern March family vacillates between forgettable and unlikeable.
Robert David Sullivan September 25, 2018
“Fahrenheit 11/9” is not subtle, and it is not sympathetic to the view that what we need now is civility and centrism.