’The Cave’ is a portrait of courage under fire, resilience and hope (photo: National Geographic).
John Anderson January 10, 2020
“The Cave” is something of a talking-dog movie: You’re astounded it exists, never mind what it has to say.
Photo: CNS, Netflix, Showtime, America
Jim McDermott December 27, 2019
How can it be that the finale of “Lost,” the introduction of the iPad and “Bridesmaids” all happened within the last 10 years?
Jesuitical December 20, 2019
“I’ve been asked: How did you build this character? I didn’t. He did, and I follow in his footsteps.”
Jim McDermott December 10, 2019
The story of a film that became an inspiration to Jesuits and their companions worldwide.
Ciaran Freeman December 06, 2019
Waves is a film with strong film with a moving story, dynamic themes, and complex characters. But plot holes married with production missteps left me asking many questions.
Hailee Steinfeld and Wiz Khalifa in “Dickinson.” 
Jake Martin November 27, 2019
The new show subverts the traditional Dickinson iconography, but also takes away the best part of her.