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America Staff August 07, 2020
These stories remind us that while the fight for justice is never over, individuals can make a difference, often with the help of their faith.
Ryan Di Corpo June 21, 2020
Bryce Dallas Howard makes her directorial debut with the new documentary "Dads," available from Apple TV+.
Archbishop Polak said the film showed required child protection standards were still not being observed in the Polish church.
Joshua Hren April 17, 2020
Noted for his acid tongue, Evelyn Waugh hated the United States and its citizens and let them know it. However, he felt more and more drawn to them on repeated visits.
Julianne Moore in "Safe" (screen shot from YouTube)
Ryan Di Corpo April 11, 2020
Todd Haynes’s second feature film, starring Julianne Moore as a woman isolated by a mysterious illness, resonates anew in our sudden quarantine, writes America’s Ryan Di Corpo.
Ryan Di Corpo April 03, 2020
Brooding, interior and utterly focused, Mr. von Sydow is a stirring presence on screen, with a weathered face apt to illustrate inner spiritual turmoil.