John W. Miller March 06, 2020
Dan Bevacqua’s debut novel, the darkly comic 'Molly Bit,' follows the rise and fall of a Hollywood star.
Abel Ferrara (photo: Alamy)
Patrick Preziosi March 03, 2020
For the director of ‘Bad Lieutenant’ and other remarkable films, religion should not be couched in exclusively negative or positive terms.
Bartosz Bielenia in Boze Cialo (“Corpus Christi”) (IMDB)
John Anderson February 18, 2020
“Corpus Christi” is not a critique of Catholicism, though; it may not even be a deliberately Catholic film, writes film critic John Anderson.
(CNS photo/Warner Bros.)
Jake Martin January 17, 2020
“Joker” is more than just another comic book film. It has hit a nerve with an already nervous American public.
Haley Stewart December 31, 2019
Little Women is having a bit of a moment.
Daisy Ridley stars in "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." (CNS photo/Disney)
Jim McDermott December 27, 2019
In my experience the separation of priest from everybody else is neither helpful nor based on any kind of truth.