Family Life

Kaya Oakes January 11, 2019
Because the church has long defined marriage as central to lay Catholic identity, Catholic single mothers have sometimes stayed hidden in the shadows.
Kerry Weber December 28, 2018
If we look at the qualities required to fulfill the request rather than the connotation of the word itself, what is simply being asked of women and men is sacrificial love.
Terrance Klein December 26, 2018
In celebrating the Feast of the Holy Family, we draw attention to this fundamental fact about families, and, in this case, salvation. Not being his neighbor or kin, none of us can say what came from Joseph and what was of Mary, but we do know that the two of them made him the man he was.
Katie Prejean McGrady December 18, 2018
Every encounter with Santa Claus is a chance to teach our kids about a deep love for Jesus.
Judy Ann Eichstedt December 13, 2018
I was standing in the dumpster looking for food when I was overwhelmed by the thought that I am feeding my family garbage.
Robert I. Craig November 13, 2018
I love this man who expressed his love with deeds and whose last deed will likely be his slipping away from me.