Family Life

Valerie Schultz March 25, 2019
Since retiring from my job, my husband has found me irritating. We had a talk (after fighting), and he is right: I am mothering him. Smothering him. “I have a mother,” he said. “I want a wife, a partner, a best friend.”
Ellen Romer Niemiec March 11, 2019
Watching my daughter learn from others has taught me I should not underestimate my daughter, my church or my God.
The church rules insist that the priest provide economic support for the children, he said, but they also recognize that the duties and responsibilities of fatherhood go beyond that to include affection and education, especially in the first years of the child's life.
Justin Klassen February 08, 2019
What is there to gain from probing life’s wounds? Brandi Carlile has an answer in her new album.
Our readers February 04, 2019
As parents, we try so hard to make our children behave or at least not disturb the others around us, and no matter the effort, someone is usually disturbed.
Haley Stewart February 04, 2019
Are we tired of working in a system of mere productivity and efficiency that fails to acknowledge our humanity and that of others?