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pope francis at right shakes the hand of giorgia meloni at left, both are wearing white clothes in front of a dark background
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Nicole Winfield - Associated Press
Pope Francis joined Giorgia Meloni in encouraging young Italians to have more children, saying, “Let us not resign ourselves to sterile dullness and pessimism.”
a statue of mary with baby jesus in front of a blue background
FaithFaith in Focus
Colleen Dulle
My relationship with Mary is complicated. I couldn't see the appeal of Marian devotion until I had a baby and understood how she embodies the life-giving sacrifice of motherhood.
Justin McLellan – Catholic News Service
In a video message, Pope Francis told young people going to World Youth Day in August should consult their grandparents on how to prepare.
FaithFaith in Focus
Valerie Schultz
From the moment of her birth, my granddaughter has retaught me one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we learn at Confirmation: a sense of wonder and awe.
candles sit in front of a stained glass window with light streaming through it
FaithFaith in Focus
Paul Ginnetty
We ended the day of my mother’s funeral looking forward to the new life ahead of us. No better tribute could be offered to such a selfless and sacrificial woman.
Teen girl sits alone in a church looking through a stained glass window
FaithFaith in Focus
Sherry Antonetti
I hope their belief will deepen. And I hope that my fellow Catholics in the pews will demonstrate that the wider church wants them there too.