Family Life

J.D. Long-García November 25, 2020
Many Latino people of various cultures who call this country home have embraced Thanksgiving—each culture adding its own spice, of course.
Michael Rozier, S.J. November 23, 2020
The C.D.C. recently recommended that Americans not travel for Thanksgiving. What can we do when what we sincerely hope for simply is not possible?
JD Flynn November 19, 2020
My children are not unique because they suffer. They are unique because they do not hide suffering well—and they challenge me to live that way.
J.D. Long-García November 13, 2020
As a layperson, and as a father, I cannot continue to make myself dependent on ordained men. Not for this.
Sean Salai, S.J. November 06, 2020
A chance encounter with a priest placed Jim Wahlberg on the road to recovery and healing for his entire family.
Valerie Schultz October 23, 2020
Joe Biden made the perfect reply to a child who is sorry and shaky and demoralized and has no idea how to fix the damage caused: the recommitment to unconditional love.