Family Life

Holly Taylor Coolman July 08, 2020
Racial identity shapes people’s lives in a thousand and one ways, writes Holly Taylor Coolman, who describes the challenges for white parents adopting a Black or biracial child.
In its observance of Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, the USCCB is launching a campaign to celebrate "God's design for married love and the gift of life."
A report in the noted medical journals The Lancet Psychiatry and The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health have called for the phasing out of institutionalized care for children, favoring family-based care.
Simcha Fisher June 23, 2020
Everything else, even their names, has been taken away from the dead, and they are reserving for their family a spot with the one thing we really need: a view of the mountain.
Ryan Di Corpo June 21, 2020
Bryce Dallas Howard makes her directorial debut with the new documentary "Dads," available from Apple TV+.
After the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic made so many of their initial wedding plans impossible, Michael and Kelsey Petrany decided they wanted to go through with it anyway. And they are glad they did.