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Colleen Dulle
Bishop Joseph Strickland recently accused Pope Francis of “undermining the Deposit of Faith.” It remains unknown whether Francis will publicly respond but past cases provide a clue of how the pope will approach this latest challenge.
An Italian man and woman stand with a climate change banner in front of a sculpture
Claire Giangravé - Religion News Service
Climate change activists faced trial at the Vatican on Wednesday (May 24) on vandalism charges for gluing themselves to the statue of “Laocoön and His Sons” in the Vatican Museums last summer.
Deep learning digital illustration
FaithThe Good Word
Terrance Klein
How do we know who the Holy Spirit is? We do not hear the Spirit speak in the same way that God the Father or God the Son have spoken, yet its presence is equally here.
A painting of Pentecost in Saint Anastasia church in Verona
FaithThe Word
May 28, 2023, Pentecost Sunday: A genuine concern for the church of tomorrow is the capacity to hear the sound of the Spirit speaking today.
Silhouette of man standing on rock
FaithScripture Reflections
Molly Cahill
A Reflection for Wednesday of the Seventh Week of Easter, by Molly Cahill
FaithFaith in Focus
Britt Luby
I have heard it said that if the public could see the physical images of violence after a shooting, perhaps we would all be more fervent in our demand for radical change. I have seen it. Must I make you look, too?