Arts & CultureMusic
Kevin Jackson
Brandi Carlile's latest album shows the singer's keen awareness of the radical nature of tenderness.
Politics & SocietyFaith
Maka Black ElkWilliam Critchley-Menor, S.J.
The Jesuits came to Pine Ridge at the invitation of Chief Red Cloud, but the impact of their assimilative efforts, made in conjunction with the United States government, are undeniably still present.
Arts & CultureLast Take
Elizabeth Beckwith
I have spent my entire career attempting to pay homage to (and in a deeper sense, to keep alive) all the incredible characters of my Catholic-kid-in-Las Vegas life.
Arts & CultureFeatures
Jim Curtis
A profoundly Russian author, Olga Sedakova offers insights into Christian living for a worldwide audience.
Arts & CultureCatholic Book Club
James T. Keane
The two most recent selections for the Catholic Book Club were novels that originally began as short stories.
Arts & CultureBooks
Brenna Moore
At the heart of Sinéad O’Connor’s new memoir is her sense of transcendence and her longing for it, as well as the depth of her religious imagination since childhood.