Douglas J. Gladstone March 26, 2020
Baseball is not a religion, but plenty of its players find their real vocation after retirement.
John Carr March 26, 2020
Catholic social teaching offers us principles for reflection, criteria for judgment, guidelines for action which can guide our individual, institutional and national choices.
Christiana Zenner March 20, 2020
The book is characteristically careful, methodical and precise—hallmarks of Haight’s writing style and theological methodology. Readers familiar with the development of Catholic theologies of nature and creation will find much to converse with here, as will philosophical theologians.
Our readers March 20, 2020
America asked our readers: Does your workplace support your religious practice?
Brian P. Bennett March 20, 2020
Seeing the proselytizing success of the Jesuits in Eastern Europe, some Orthodox clerics decided to defend their expression of the faith using the very tools that were challenging it.
Our readers March 06, 2020
A 2019 Gallup survey showed that as few as 4 percent of Americans had a conversation about religion with their family and friends in the prior week.