Kerry Weber August 30, 2019
‘I was absolutely, unequivocally unaware of Mr. Fuller’s intention’ to kill himself.
Catholic News Service August 29, 2019
The priest in the photo, Jesuit Father Quentin Dupont, "was told Mr. Fuller was dying and wanted the blessing of the faith community."
Vincent Lambert, who suffered serious brain damage more than 10 years ago, died after years of court battles.
A senior Dutch priest criticized media reports on the death of a teenager experiencing depression, accusing foreign media of "sensationalizing euthanasia" in his country.
Catholic News Service March 29, 2019
“Because of your calls, emails and efforts, physician-assisted suicide will not be legalized in Maryland this year,” the Maryland Catholic Conference told the state’s Catholics in a message posted on its website March 28. 
Emily Rosenthal March 12, 2019
"In an already drug-ridden society, lethal pills are suddenly on the loose," Archbishop Lori said. "In the face of Maryland's epic opioid crisis, this is not good public policy."