Catholic News Service May 17, 2018
The U.S. Bishops have praised the decision.
The father of terminally ill toddler Alfie Evans called for a truce in a divisive case that has pitted doctors and the British courts against Alfie's parents, Christian groups and Pope Francis. 
Kevin Clarke April 26, 2018
Is the treatment being offered to Alfie Evans, a toddler suffering from a so-far-undiagnosed neurological disorder, moral, immoral or even medically inappropriate?
The Italian government granted citizenship to Alfie Evans, a seriously ill British toddler, in a last-minute effort to prevent doctors in England from withdrawing life-support.
The father asked for "asylum" in Italy so his seriously ill son may receive care and "not be euthanized" in England.
Highlighting the plight of a seriously ill toddler in Great Britain and a severely brain-damaged man in France, Pope Francis called for greater respect for every patient's life and dignity.