In the Ohio and Upper Mississippi river basins, 10 million metric tons of commercial fertilizer is applied each year, and much of it ends up in our waterways. (iStock/filmfoto)
Nathan Beacom May 28, 2020
In “Laudato Si’,” Pope Francis called drinkable water a human right. But as Nathan Beacom writes, our methods of farming and raising livestock are degrading our soil and polluting our waterways.
Bishops' conferences from Brazil, Indonesia and Ireland are announcing their intent to divest from fossil fuel companies, in keeping with the spirit of Pope Francis' Laudato Si' encyclical, which was released five years ago.
The temporary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during the coronavirus pandemic is only a postponement of the inevitable. (iStock/baona)
Mark Graham May 18, 2020
Five years ago, Pope Francis raised consciousness about caring for our common home, writes Mark Graham. Now the Vatican must prioritize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions before it is too late.
Gerard O’Connell May 16, 2020
Pope Francis asked the group to ‘prepare the future’ not ‘prepare for the future.’
The Mueller neighborhood, in Austin, Tex., was designed to increase the use of solar power. (iStock/JamesBrey) 
Christopher Rice May 12, 2020
Any ambitious program to address climate change raises a red flag of top-down government, writes Christopher Rice, but the Green New Deal can be implemented with support for local decision-making.
Ashley McKinless May 01, 2020
At Wyoming Catholic College, students study great books and the great outdoors.