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Allowing the pipeline through the property would run contrary to the congregation's Land Ethic.
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Bishop Roque Paloschi condemns the Brazilian government over the removal of constitutional protections for indigenous peoples.
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Ryan Harper July 12, 2017
If Thoreau’s words merely decorate the playrooms of grown children, his burial is long overdue.
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The texture and variety of Stevens's new album creates liminal spaces between the sacred and the profane.
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Our readersJune 28, 2017
Regardless of who readers thought should take the lead, a striking majority called for collaboration in battling climate change.
The rapid proliferation of air-conditioners to cope with the heat is itself a major contributor to global warming.(imaslev/iStock)
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Most Americans say they have changed their behavior to help protect the environment—whether because they are heeding the warnings of Pope Francis in his encyclical “Laudato Si’” or are alarmed by stories of severe weather and