America This Week May 22, 2019
This week's episode is the series finale of America This Week!
John Dougherty May 02, 2019
God can speak to us in unexpected ways—sometimes, even through a superhero movie.
Paul Ryan, then the speaker of the U.S. House, attends a town hall meeting on April 27, 2016, at Georgetown University's Institute of Politics and Public Service, in Washington, D.C. (CNS photo/Yuri Gripas, Reuters)
Paul D. McNelis, S.J. May 02, 2019
The Rodney Dangerfield film “Back to School” has a lesson for even the most famous individuals: Anyone can benefit from hitting the books.
Tobias Wolff April 30, 2019
Tobias Wolff pays tribute to John L'Heureux, a literary giant and a great teacher of essential human truths.
James T. Keane April 10, 2019
Looking back on sports stories designed to educate a certain class of white American male into the virtues of postwar civic culture.
Through a plan called "Education Freedom Scholarships," being promoted by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, $5 billion would be offered in federal tax credits for voluntary donations to state-based scholarship programs. According to some analysts, this measure can be an opportunity for families (