Patrick Tomassi September 18, 2020
Catholic homeschooling resources have historically offered a whitewashed, triumphalist account of history.
In a letter to people participating in a virtual Marian pilgrimage, Pope Francis offered words of encouragement to families struggling amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
In a letter to L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, the head of the Congregation for Catholic Education called for an alliance between secular and Catholic educational institutions to confront the challenges caused by the pandemic.
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Joseph J. Dunn August 10, 2020
A federal court recently ruled that access to a “foundational level of literacy” is a basic right. That could spur new reforms to public education, as well as new school-choice options.
Standing just inside the doorway of his home in a black button down shirt tucked into navy blue trousers, 11-year-old Oscar Rojas greets his teacher Gerardo Ixcoy in Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala, on July 15. “Teacher Lalito only comes for a little while to teach me, but I learn a lot.” (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)
A teacher in Guatemala relies on his bicycle to be his transportation and his classroom. Each day he pedals among the cornfields of Santa Cruz del Quiché to give individual instruction to his sixth-grade students.
Religious liberty advocates believe that the latest Supreme Court decision will finally banish the hated 19th-century Blaine Amendments for good.