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Illustration of young woman sitting cross-legged and meditating, while people in a circle around her converse and look at their phones.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
LuElla D'Amico
Let us cultivate universities and workplaces where the contemplative life is valued, where introverts and extroverts alike can thrive, and where every person can feel recognized.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Mark Phillips
By remembering how a group of his students mended a fracture over a controversial book, a former college professor finds hope for national reconciliation.
FaithFaith and Reason
Bill McCormick, S.J.
Can American society, which is so divided by questions of truth, goodness and justice, look to universities for a new consensus on these terms and practices?
FaithFaith and Reason
Kenneth L. Woodward
The time is ripe for rethinking the assumption that the purpose of acquiring a college degree is to snag a job at graduation.
Rachel Lu
From a Catholic perspective, it is fair to say that Archbishop John Ireland put Minnesota on the map. But he failed in his most cherished project: a new model for Catholic education.
Arts & CultureCatholic Book Club
James T. Keane
The dog days of August are also the first week of school for millions of students, parents and teachers. Want some advice on how to handle it? Generations of America contributors have had thoughts on the subject.