Westminster Abbey, London, England (iStock)
Robert E. Hosmer, Jr. November 30, 2017
As a movement directed at unity and uniformity (Henry’s vision), the English Reformation was a high-stakes failure.
Evangelical Christians pray together on Bar Beach in Lagos, Nigeria September 28, 2003. (Getty Images)
Linus Unah November 16, 2017
On university campuses in Nigeria, the competition for souls can be fierce.
Angelo Jesus Canta November 03, 2017
On Oct. 31 Lutherans and Catholics gathered at the cathedral to jointly commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
Gerard O’Connell October 31, 2017
In a statement, both sides expressed gratitude for “the spiritual and theological gifts received through the Reformation.”
Angelo Jesus Canta October 30, 2017
If a Catholic were to walk into Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Haven, Conn., he or she would not feel out of place.