Usher Gene Johann uses a collection basket during Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Rocky Point, N.Y., in 2018. (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)
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America Staff
A likely increase in 2021 charitable giving is being driven by two factors: increasing financial security and a “heightened sense of people’s needs in the philanthropic marketplace” because of the continuing Covid-19 crisis.
Guatemalans march during a protest demanding the resignation of President Alejandro Giammattei and Attorney General María Consuelo Porra in San Cristobal Totonicapan July 29, 2021. (CNS photo/Luis Echeverria, Reuters)
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Eduardo Campos Lima
Guatemala’s historical social inequality has only worsened because of economic deterioration intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic and a political crisis created by President Giammattei’s increasing authoritarian tendencies.
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Nicholas D. Sawicki
Mark Carney’s new book makes a succinct argument: We can either continue on the current path of what some argue is amoral wealth generation in a dehumanizing market society, or we can build new systems, grounded in common values, that encourage growth while stewarding resources for future generations.
Thomas Levergood (Courtesy of the Lumen Christi Institute)
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Joseph Kaboski
In founding the Lumen Christi Institute in 1997, Thomas Levergood created a model for engaging the secular disciplines with the Catholic intellectual tradition.
People eat at a restaurant in New York City Aug. 3, 2021, amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Catholic News Service
While recognizing that the U.S. economy has improved somewhat, a statement from the U.S. bishops addressed higher levels of poverty that have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic.
The development of the shipping container in the 1960s cut the cost of ocean shipping and permitted a colossal boom in global trade. (iStock/Yuri_Arcurs)
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John W. Miller
Hyperglobalization means cheap goods delivered fast. It also has implications for labor conditions, economic inequality and the environment, all of which we can no longer ignore.