Bishops from around the world are demanding that governments pay attention to the plight of workers in the international supply chain, stating that "acts of violence and suffering" are the result of behaviors of irresponsible companies.
Catholic News Service July 06, 2020
Faith-based organizations are pleading with Congress to fund world-wide pandemic relief efforts.
J. Desmond Gleeson June 29, 2020
In this article from the Dec. 5, 1931, issue of America, J. Desmond Gleeson laments the economic devastation of the Great Depression, noting that it came about without warning.
A "thicker conception" of the common good is needed and is precisely what Catholic social teaching can contribute to the public conversation.
John W. Miller June 08, 2020
The pandemic will not prove to be an existential threat, but it is likely to change what and how Americans buy and eat. They may be forced to buy food closer to where it is grown or processed.
Flying cars, hyperloop trains and other venture capitalist fever dreams are not going to carry us out of our economic mess. (Illustration from iStock/Naeblys)
Nathan Schneider June 04, 2020
We can’t wait for the venture capitalists and their playthings to save us after the coronavirus, writes Nathan Schneider. It is time to turn to the innovation of cooperative economics.