Michael J. O’Loughlin April 06, 2020
Catholic Charities leaders say that while the government relief package signed into law on March 27 by President Trump will help meet some of the initial need, much more action is needed for charities to be able to meet the expected demand.
Colleen Dulle April 01, 2020
In this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” the hosts cover how Pope Francis and other Vatican leaders are making a concerted effort to draw people’s attention to the major ethical questions arising from the coronavirus pandemic.
Catholic News Service March 30, 2020
In his statement, the archbishop said he expects the federal government to adopt another measure to respond to the worsening economic crisis as unemployment claims continue to increase.
Gerard O’Connell March 29, 2020
“The governments that face the crisis in this way show the priority of their decisions: the people first.... It would be sad if they opted for the opposite, which would lead to the death of very many people.”
A pedestrian walks past the New York Stock Exchange on March 19. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)
Paul D. McNelis, S.J. March 20, 2020
The federal government has the tools to stabilize the economy in the wake of coronavirus, writes the economist Paul D. McNelis, S.J. We cannot settle for delayed and piecemeal responses.
Nathan Schneider March 05, 2020
As walls go up, so does the hoarding behind them