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Nathan SchneiderJune 12, 2017
Philanthropy should be regarded as a subdomain of democracy, not an exception to it.
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“For many years if anyone from General Electric would see Sister Pat on the streets of New York they would cross the street to avoid her,” the GE executive recalled. “Today, I knew she was going to be here and I looked for her at breakfast.”
Pope Francis speaks to workers at the ILVA steel plant during his on May 27 pastoral visit in Genoa, Italy. (CNS photo/Giorgio Perottino, Reuters)
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Condemning an economy that encourages speculation more than entrepreneurship, warning priests and religious that they share responsibility for the vocations crisis and telling young people they are right to be puzzled by nations that close their doors to people fleeing persecution, Pope Francis

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Meghan J. ClarkMay 26, 2017
The data and facts are clear: If you care about working families and sound economic policy, SNAP is the program for you.
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Kevin ClarkeMay 23, 2017
Those serving the homeless and other marginalized communities are living the pope's vision of the church as a spiritual field hospital.
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Decrease military spending and help the poor, said the U.S. bishops in a May 19 letter addressed to Congress, before lawmakers prepare to work on the federal budget for the upcoming 2018 fiscal year.