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People pick through discarded produce at the central market for fruit and vegetables in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Friday, May 10, 2024. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)
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Lucien Chauvin
Argentina has been in a state of economic upheaval for years with two constants—a continuous increase in poverty and corresponding efforts by the Catholic Church to respond to that need.
A photo of fast-food workers preparing bags for take out. The low-paying fast food industry has driven the surge in violations of child labor laws, with teens working longer and later than permitted under federal law. (iStock/halbergman)
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Dwayne David Paul
In some states, the thinking seems to be that the way to “solve” this problem is by weakening the laws. Catholics should resist those efforts.
An eviction notice is taped to an iron gate in front of a white door with a peephole. (iStock/Jeremy Poland)
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Dwayne David Paul
“Just cause” eviction laws can add a measure of security and predictability to housing markets. They can also correct the power imbalance between large landlords and tenants.
A trend toward goods and components made by unionized American workers may mean higher prices for consumers. In photo: United Auto Workers members attend a rally in Detroit on Sept. 15, 2023. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Paul D. McNelis, S.J.
Geopolitical crises and the aftereffects of Covid are prompting the United States and other nations to find alternatives to globalization in education, trade and environmental protection.
International flags wave on top of the Davos Congress Center where the World Economic Forum takes place in Davos, Switzerland, Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is taking place in Davos from Jan. 15 until Jan. 19, 2024.(AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)
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Kevin Clarke
From a Catholic point of view, there is good reason to look askance at some of the “false promises” coming out of Davos, including the idea that better technology and the economic system as it is can deal with global poverty, inequality and care of creation.
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Regina Munch
In his new book, 'Small Isn’t Beautiful: The Case Against Localism,' Trevor Latimer argues that localist policies often do not achieve what their proponents intend.