Brianne Jacobs October 01, 2018
Democratic socialism, this year’s political buzz phrase, follows the Catholic social teaching principle of people over profit. Its penchant for big solutions at the national level may not fit C.S.T. as neatly.
The good news from the U.S. Census Bureau Sept. 12 was that the poverty rate dropped for the third straight year in 2017 and median family incomes ticked up 1.8 percent to nearly $61,400.
Brian Harper September 21, 2018
The Miller Center at Santa Clara is just one institution in a broader network looking to make a positive social impact.
Brandon Sanchez September 18, 2018
This economy is not working for human beings.
Matthew Shadle September 14, 2018
The Catholic Church has not been quick or consistent in empowering people to address the harmful effects of the new global economy.
Stephanie Slade August 06, 2018
Economic freedom can be morally, not just materially, empowering.