The aim is to build and promote a different kind of economy: "one that brings life not death, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not dehumanizing, one that cares for the environment and does not despoil it," the pope said in the letter, released by the Vatican May 11.
A recent report from the Pew Research Center, "In Western European Countries With Church Taxes, Support for the Tradition Remains Strong," finds that in an ever more secular European continent, official financial support for the churches remain constant, whether people attend services or not.
Workers collect oil from a stream below the site of an oil pipeline break in 2016 in Wachapea, Peru. Catholic leaders are calling for governments to protect the territorial rights of indigenous people suffering eviction from their lands and pollution of their water because of mining and oil operations in the Amazon basin. (CNS photo/Barbara Fraser)
Dean Dettloff April 29, 2019
“Will this ombudsperson really be able to provide justice for a community in Guatemala, who has really experienced crimes, including rape, the forced displacement of their community, and murder?”
Joe Hoover, S.J. April 24, 2019
Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos talk about being “innovators” and “disrupters,” but really they are not—not in truly world-shaking ways. Imagine if they announced to the world: We are doubling the wages of our warehouse workers, increasing benefits. We are becoming, for God’s sake, a cooperative.
John W. Miller April 19, 2019
The nation’s nonfiction bard, Michael Lewis, makes the case that our government is more important—and competent—than we realize.
America This Week April 03, 2019
This week's guest is Thomas More Garrett.