Julie Schumacher Cohen March 15, 2018
On Forgiveness Sunday, we look for the best in the one we forgive and seek to give a charitable interpretation of the other’s intent.
Lily bulbs on conveyor.
Jim McDermott March 09, 2018
The Easter lily has its own remarkable story of persistence.
Peter J. Vaghi March 09, 2018
As followers of Jesus, we believe, as do a long line of his followers, that he rose from the dead on that first Easter Sunday.
Worshippers hold candles at the beginning of the Easter Vigil at St. Louis de Montfort Church in Sound Beach, N.Y., in April 2017. (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)
Robert David Sullivan March 08, 2018
Easter is second only to Christmas in Mass attendance—and in a tight race with Halloween in candy consumption.
Matt Malone, S.J. March 08, 2018
Bernice was smiling because she was free. Her horizon, which was her hope, was not her bed, or the ward, or the hospital—not even this world. Bernice’s eyes were fixed on the hope of heaven.
Thomas D. Stegman February 09, 2018
The resurrection of the dead—along with the transformation of the world—is the goal of all history. And this fulfillment already has a beginning in Jesus’ resurrection.