James Martin, S.J. May 20, 2019
God is continually inviting us to growth and continually enabling us to let some things in our life die so that we can experience new life.
James Martin, S.J. May 12, 2019
To live out the Resurrection we have to first truly believe in Jesus’s resurrection.
James Martin, S.J. May 03, 2019
The church, in its wisdom, gives us a whole liturgical season to celebrate Easter.
The "Solidarity Vigil and Interfaith Prayer" event, co-sponsored by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis-based Center for Interfaith Cooperation and the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, drew leaders in the city of the Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish and Muslim communities.
The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka urged the government on Monday to crack down on Islamic extremists with more vigor "as if on war footing" in the aftermath of the Easter bombings.
James Martin, S.J. April 26, 2019
God is being revealed to us every moment of the day. And so all these moments should make us say what Thomas says to Jesus, when we realize who it is who is speaking to us: “My Lord and My God!”