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Jilleen Barrett
“I think that she’s a great example of someone who used her beliefs and used her ability to make a change in the world,” one student said. “And I think that a lot of Gen Z [is] looking for ways to do that."
saints are pictured in an altarpiece, they have gold halos and many colored robes
Robert Ellsberg
In the anniversary edition of All Saints, Robert Ellsberg reveals his background with the saints and how he was inspired by so many ordinary and extraordinary people.
All aboard for the inaugural run of The Dorothy Day from Staten Island to Lower Manhattan. Photo by Kevin Clarke.
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Kevin Clarke
“She would be happy about having a ferry named after her,” said Robert Steed, a former Catholic Worker and editor of The Catholic Worker newspaper, adding, “maybe even more so than being canonized.”
FaithVantage Point
William Miller
After Dorothy Day's death in 1980, her biographer William Miller wrote her obituary for America, noting that "the amazing thing about her life was the improbability of it all."
martha hennessy and other dignitaries stand on the hull of the dorothy day ferry boat in new york city with a flag in front of them
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Catholic News Service
Martha Hennessy, granddaughter of Dorothy Day, said her grandmother “loved the Staten Island Ferry, so what an honor to have one named after her.”
The Dorothy Day Staten Island Ferry arrives in New York for final preparation before her first commuter run on Nov. 8, the Catholic Worker co-founder’s 125th birthday. Photos by Kevin Clarke.
Kevin Clarke
Dorothy Day famously never wanted to be called a saint; how might she have responded to the idea of having a Staten Island ferry named after her?