Donald Trump

In Phoenix, Az., a Maricopa County Elections official feeds a ballot into a machine during a training session on Oct. 25. (AP Photo/Matt York)
Michael J. O’Loughlin November 02, 2018
“I just want people to know the candidates as they really are, to know the pros and cons of all the issues, to make intelligent choices and not just simply vote this party or that party.”
A message on, a social media site popular with far-right extremists and apparently used by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect, explains that the site is now effectively offline, banned by payment processors such as PayPal and internet infrastructure providers. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane)
Ellen K. Boegel November 02, 2018
“Trump’s words may arguably have had a tendency to encourage unlawful use of force, but they did not specifically advocate for listeners to take unlawful action.”
J.D. Long-García November 01, 2018
The monument to the Virgin Mary, which will be surrounded by a meditation garden, was inspired by the Statue of Liberty and commissioned by the San Diego Organizing Project.
Central American migrants reach the shore on the Mexican side of the Suchiate River after wading across from Guatemala on Oct. 20. Thousands of migrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are making their way north through Mexico. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)
Antonio De Loera-Brust October 30, 2018
The real threat to the United States is not the unarmed migrants making a dangerous trek through Mexico, it is the fear and hate that sensationalized coverage of the caravan has fomented.
Honduran migrants trying to reach the United States struggle at a border checkpoint on Oct. 19 in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico. (CNS photo/Edgard Garrido, Reuters)
Kevin Clarke October 29, 2018
“As Catholic agencies assisting poor and vulnerable migrants in the United States and around the world, we are deeply saddened by the violence, injustice, and deteriorating economic conditions forcing many people to flee their homes in Central America.”
Honduran migrants climb on a truck Oct. 23 in Chiquimula, Guatemala, as they travel with other Central Americans in a caravan heading to the United States. (CNS photo/Luis Echeverria, Reuters)
J.D. Long-García October 29, 2018
Catholic aid groups are among those preparing for migrants fleeing violence in Central America—and who may face a U.S. border slammed shut to asylum seekers.