Donald Trump

Our readers November 19, 2020
A selection of reader reactions to the 2020 election.
Matt Malone, S.J. November 13, 2020
Donald Trump’s refusal to concede is unprecedented—and dangerous.
David Dark November 12, 2020
If the price of admission within your peer group is the frequent suppression of your conscience, I would like to argue that the price is too high.
J.D. Long-García November 09, 2020
“The [Biden] administration needs to seize this moment for generational change, especially in terms of immigration.”
Joe Hoover, S.J. November 09, 2020
This is the prayer: Accept things as they are. It was all meant to be.
The Editors November 07, 2020
This is a victory for the entire country, and the men and women who won office must now govern for the entire country.