Death Penalty

In the middle lands of these 40 days, I am burdened by the fact that our society has not yet reckoned with the ongoing sin of capital punishment nor the full extent of our country’s racist past.
Ryan Di Corpo March 06, 2020
To its benefit, “Sister,” directed by Joe Cardona and José L. Vázquez, does not focus exclusively on Sister Helen’s work against the death penalty but also discusses her early life and spiritual formation.
Jesuitical March 06, 2020
Each day, George Williams, S.J., passes through metal doors plastered with the word “CONDEMNED” to minister to the men of San Quentin State Prison.
Joshua Hren January 02, 2020
Regardless of where one stands on the death penalty, however, all Catholics must not lose sight of the souls on death row who await the judgment that state-enforced terminations will quicken.
32 states have now either abolished the death penalty or not carried out an execution in more than a decade
Catholic News Service December 10, 2019
U.S. Attorney General William Barr announced in July that the government was reinstating the federal death penalty