Criminal Justice

Domenico Giani, former chief of the Vatican police force, holds a cross as Vatican police officers and Swiss Guards process through St. Peter's Square in September 2016. Pope Francis appointed Gianluca Gauzzi Broccoletti, a cybersecurity expert, as the new head of the Vatican Security Services on Oct. 15. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) 
Gerard O’Connell October 15, 2019
He takes over from Commander Giani, who resigned yesterday after taking “objective” but not “subjective” responsibility for the leaking to an Italian journalist of a reserved notice informing Vatican security personnel that five employees had been suspended from their work “as a precautionary
The Editors October 04, 2019
Every citizen, whether aligned with the political right or the left, must denounce these crimes against our Jewish brothers and sisters.
The tower of the Institute for Works of Religion, often referred to as the Vatican bank, is pictured Oct. 2, 2019. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
Gerard O’Connell October 02, 2019
The Vatican gendarmerie has sent an order to all personnel within the Vatican City State and the Swiss Guards that control the security and all access to the Vatican, saying the five have been “suspended from service as a precautionary measure.”
Worshippers attend a candlelight vigil on July 20 at St.Patrick's Cathedral in El Paso, Texas, following an immigration march and rally. (CNS photo/Jorge Salgado)
J.D. Long-García September 26, 2019
The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for each church for information leading to an arrest. Mr. Ceniceros said the diocese is offering an additional $5,000 for each church, adding that the same person or persons are believed to be responsible for all three incidents.
The Editors September 24, 2019
The facility at Guantánamo Bay should be closed as soon as possible and the prisoners should be transferred to maximum security facilities and tried in a court of law.
Linus Unah September 24, 2019
For nearly two decades, Nigeria has been struggling to reform its congested prison system. Courts grapple with huge backlogs of cases, compounding delays in the delivery of justice and contributing to prison overcrowding.