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Tom Deignan
Something has changed for the novelist John Banville in the last 15 years. In a twist worthy of his own byzantine fiction, Banville has adopted a new persona and writing style, and even—perhaps—a changed attitude toward “the Irish thing” he once derided.
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Alex Gruber
If Christians, especially white Christians, vilify Derek Chauvin, we absolve ourselves of our own complicity in the racist structures that permitted him to place and pin his knee on George Floyd’s neck. Surely it is not us, Lord?
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Jan-Albert Hootsen
The gang truce in Querétaro was modeled after a similar pact among dozens of gangs in Monterrey. A nonprofit called Nacidos Para Triunfar played a crucial role in bringing gang members and civic authorities together.
People in Philadelphia attend a vigil in solidarity with the Asian American community on March 17, 2021, after increased attacks on the community since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Robert Aaron Long of Woodstock, Ga., was charged that same day with killing eight people at three Atlanta-area spas March 16. Six of the eight were women of Asian descent, but Long told police racial bias was not his motive. (CNS photo/Rachel Wisniewski, Reuters
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Kevin Clarke
Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, O.F.M. Conv.: “We must, as a Christian family of faith, work to protect the whole community. We must speak up against any aggression and we must be active in our pursuit to end racism and discrimination of every kind.”
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Yonat Shimron - Religion News Service
A Catholic social justice activist who was knocked to the ground by police during a protest over racism last year has sued the city of Buffalo, its mayor, the police commissioner and several police officers.
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Patrick Egwu
The growing attacks on priests and their ministries has left many living in fear. “The security situation is not just bad; it is extremely so,” said Father Bassey. “You want to hurry to get back home; you don’t want to be in a lonely place; you can’t step out and take a stroll.