Criminal Justice

Joe Van Brussel February 07, 2018
Making it more difficult for families to visit prisoners, or have any contact with them, is contrary to respect for human life and dignity.
Kaya Oakes January 24, 2018
Review: Michelle Kuo’s "Reading With Patrick: a Teacher, a Student, and a Life-Changing Friendship"
Pope Francis blesses a pregnant prisoner as he visits the women's prison center in Santiago, Chile, Jan. 16. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
Pope Francis has visited other prisons, but this was the first time on his travels as pope that he visited one just for women. He was greeted by women standing with their babies in their arms. 
Jars of medical marijuana on display on at the Western Caregivers Medical dispensary in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)
Ellen K. Boegel January 16, 2018
The Justice Department is vowing to enforce a federal ban on marijuana, even as some states try to move toward full legalization.
Lisa Murtha December 28, 2017
Discussions of capital punishment do not often address how death sentences affect the people who are left behind.
Bishop Pates heard a cry for help in the detention center. After he left, he called on Congress to pass the DREAM Act.