Criminal Justice

Stephen J. Pope December 06, 2018
Adopting the practices of the restorative justice movement could help re-establish the church’s moral credibility on preventing and responding to sex abuse.
The Editors November 30, 2018
The United States spends $81 billion to lock people up each year, and the human costs of incarceration to inmates, their families and entire communities are incalculably greater.
St. Michael's College School in Toronto. (CNS photo/Michael Swan, The Catholic Register) 
Catholic News Service November 21, 2018
The accused are 14- and 15-year-old students of St. Michael's College School in midtown Toronto. Five of the accused turned themselves into police early Nov. 19 and a sixth was arrested on his way to school.
Gerard O’Connell November 15, 2018
An Italian court has ordered Archbishop Viganò to pay back to his brother more than $2 million, which he had, according to the Italian press, “illegally and illegitimately” taken from him over many years.
Gerard O’Connell October 31, 2018
Pakistan’s Supreme Court has overturned the death sentence of Asia Bibi, a Catholic mother of five.
A new crime-prevention strategy treats physical violence as a disease, or a contagion that is spread from one person to another. (iStock)
Eileen Markey October 19, 2018
From the streets of Chicago to hospital halls in the Bronx, volunteers are trying to end the national scourge of gun violence by treating it as a virus, preventing victims from becoming perpetrators.