Brendon Busse, S.J., center, celebrates a Mass at Dolores Mission Church in Los Angeles on June 20 for hospitality workers to view online. (Courtesy Unite Here Local 11)
J.D. Long-García July 31, 2020
For many in the hospitality industry, writes J.D. Long-García, the lingering pandemic means no job, unpaid bills and even imminent homelessness.
Canadian Cardinal Michael Czerny: “We had to be as shocked and stuck” during lockdown before “our eyes began to open.”
Fifteen members of the Nava family across five households tested positive for COVID-19 after a teenage niece had been visiting family members while unknowingly infected.
“Democracy can be one of the victims of the pandemic if we do not take care with our political condition,” Father Arturo Sosa told Vatican News. “Many governments—including so-called democratic governments—are taking the path of authoritarianism.”
In a draft of a letter to be presented to the executive committee of the bishops’ conference, more than 150 bishops accuse the federal government of “inaction and omission” in combating the coronavirus pandemic and of “inability and incapacity” to face the crisis.
Tawanda Karombo July 30, 2020
There are more young girls selling their bodies as Zimbabwe’s economic difficulties continue, in a broad collapse now exacerbated by the pandemic. The city is experiencing a spike in social vices like child prostitution and domestic violence.