America Films January 08, 2020
Fr. Eric Sundrup, S.J., and Fr. Paddy Gilger, S.J., answer some of the Internet's most searched questions about Christmas.
Terrance Klein December 27, 2019
We may not yet be saints, but this does not make our families any less sacred.
Visitors converged on the town's large Christmas tree in Manger Square, near the spot believed to mark Jesus' birthplace.
Terrance Klein December 23, 2019
We make Christmas into something it is not and wonder why it disappoints.
Associated Press December 23, 2019
It had been unclear whether Israel would grant permits to members of Gaza's tiny Christian community to leave the Hamas-ruled coastal territory.
James Martin, S.J. December 23, 2019
The Rev. James Martin, S.J. leads listeners through a guided reflection on the meaning of Christmas: Christ's birth.