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Liam Callanan
Michael O’Connell’s 'Startling Figures' asks what American Catholic writers have in common—and the answers are not always obvious.
As Catholics, it can be tempting to focus on the church’s negatives: the scandals, the boring homilies, the lackluster music. This week, on Jesuitical, Zac and Ashley are doing something a little different.
Arts & CultureBooks
Michael E. Engh
In 'Katherine Drexel and the Sisters Who Shared Her Vision,' the historian Margaret McGuinness has performed another valuable service to American Catholic history.
FaithShort Take
Steven P. Millies
Depressingly, 40 years since Cardinal Bernardin first proposed the consistent ethic of life, the ethic remains mired in the same senseless, polarized partisanship that Bernardin proposed the ethic to overcome.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Michael O’Brien
Should a Catholic Church ever be a movie set? From our most iconic movies to some regrettable music videos, it's a question that has been asked many times and answered in different ways.
Arts & CultureBooks
Jenny Shank
Silvia Moreno-Garcia's novels 'Silver Nitrate' and 'Mexican Gothic' feature complicated heroines, compelling plots and supernatural elements solidly grounded in research.