Catholic Identity

Kaya Oakes November 09, 2018
Feminism is both necessary for being a Catholic woman and one of the reasons you will be tested as a Catholic feminist.
Olga Segura November 09, 2018
This week, we talk with Steven P. Millies about the role of U.S. Catholics in politics.
October 31, 2018
Our October 31 guest is Simcha Fisher. We talk to her about her recent article on how to choose the right godparents, which you can read here.
Andre Dubus III and his father, Andre Dubus (photo from the memoir, Townie)
Franklin Freeman October 26, 2018
Andre Dubus III is the author of House of Sand and Fog and a memoir, Townie. A complete collection of his father’s short stories has just been published.
With Father O’Malley, Crosby “concocted a fantasy priest—a perfect, albeit celibate, man.”
Tanelle Pearson is seen with her 7-month-old son during a breakout session on May 16 at the National Young Adult Ministry Summit at the St. John Paul II National Shrine in Washington. (CNS photo/Tyler Orsburn) 
Valerie Schultz October 25, 2018
The church needs our young people. But we elders cannot nurture them in the faith if we repel them.