Gerard O’Connell March 12, 2019
An Australian judge has sentenced Cardinal to 6 years in prison for molesting two choirboys.
Colleen Dulle March 07, 2019
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” Gerry O’Connell and I update you on what has been happening since the sexual abuse summit.
Jim McDermott February 28, 2019
There are elements in the trial of Cardinal Pell that do not easily translate to a U.S. context, including a media blackout and the cardinal’s long history with the issues of sexual abuse and cover-up.
Gerard O’Connell February 27, 2019
If tried and found guilty, the penalties can vary depending on the seriousness of the crime and, often, the age of the accused; possible penalties include removal from office, restricted ministry, “a life of prayer and penance” without any public ministry and dismissal from the clerical state.
Gerard O’Connell February 26, 2019
After the Vatican’s historic summit on the sexual abuse of children, Archbishop Mark Coleridge says “the mission of the church” is at stake.
Gerard O’Connell February 26, 2019
The Vatican said the conviction is “a painful news that, we are well aware, has shocked very many persons, not only in Australia.” At the same time, “it reaffirmed maximum respect for the Australian judicial authorities.”