If the High Court fails to overturn the verdict of a 12-person jury that found him guilty of four counts of sexual assault and one count of child rape, Pell, 78, will spend at least 32 more months in prison.
In Australia, priests are joining in the effort to combat the devasting bushfires that have swept the country.
Catholic News Service January 24, 2020
The three Americans were among eight firefighters and 31 people total who have died in the wildfires since September.
The plan would cede control over financial, human resources and governance functions to professional laity.
Rural Fire Service crews engage in property protection during wildfires along the Old Hume Highway near the town of Tahmoor, Australia, outside Sydney, Dec. 19, 2019. Wildfires have been burning since August and have destroyed an area comparable to the combined region of the Netherlands and Belgium. (CNS photo/Dean Lewins, AAP via Reuters)
Ben Wilkie January 10, 2020
The nation’s Catholics have started to reflect on their long-term responsibilities in the face of this unprecedented environmental catastrophe.
Peter Bierer January 07, 2020
To you, O God, I entrust my sorrow, my fears, my anguish, as well as the people, the flora and fauna, the land of Australia.