The Catholic bishops of Australia are refuting claims that they are not doing enough to combat sexual abuse within the church.
A jury in Australia had found Cardinal Pell guilty in December 2018 on five counts of abuse and the Victoria Court of Appeal upheld that verdict in a 2-1 decision. 
The Catholic bishops of Australia are considering recommendations from a report which would increase the participation of laypeople-especially women-in the administrative affairs of the local churches.
Inside the Vatican May 13, 2020
On this week’s episode of the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, the hosts discuss the Australian Royal Commission’s findings that Cardinal George Pell knew about priests abusing children in the Ballarat diocese as early as 1973.
 Cardinal George Pell is pictured in a screen grab during an interview that aired April 14 on Sky News Australia. (CNS screen grab)
Cardinal Pell was formerly Pope Francis’ finance minister and at one time the third-highest ranking cleric in the Vatican.
Catholic News Service April 14, 2020
Cardinal George Pell, in his first television interview after being released from prison after his sexual abuse conviction was overturned, reflects on how he endured his incarceration.