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Arts & CultureIdeas
Stephen G. Adubato
A new exhibition reveals a side of Andy Warhol few probably know: his deeply-etched religious faith.
Arts & CultureIdeas
André Wangard
Cathedrals and basilicas have become a part of urban culture and are fertile ground for creatively sharing the faith, as seen in Montreal’s Basilica of Notre-Dame.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Tim J. Myers
Even those who prefer traditional church art can feel their hearts beat faster at a new presentation of the divine.
Arts & CultureFaith in Focus
Cecilia González-Andrieu
The beloved artist died Sept. 23. His works are the fruit of encountering sacred texts, accompanying the vulnerable and living every moment awake to God’s loving closeness.
Arts & CultureTelevision
Sarah Vincent
Social justice scandals play out in Netflix's newest hit "The Chair", echoing college campuses across the country. The show's empathy is remarkable, but as a recent graduate, some scenes hit too close to home.
Rocco Buttliere, a LEGO architect from Chicago, kneels proudly next to the Vatican City State replica he created.
Politics & SocietyNews
Peter Finney Jr. - Catholic News Service
Rocco Buttliere cobbled together 67,000 tiny, plastic Lego pieces to create an improbably realistic 3D replica of Vatican City State.