Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J. October 25, 2019
“The Warmth of Other Suns: Stories of Global Displacement” is a lesson on how art can awaken us to the unprecedented crisis of refugees and displaced persons now numbering 70.8 million.
 “The Good Samaritan” by Jan Scorel, 1537 (photo: Alamy)
Michial Farmer October 23, 2019
Abstraction is fundamentally inhuman, even anti-human.
“Cruz for Bishop Oscar Romero, Martyr of El Salvador” by Michael Tracy was featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art at St. Louis University. (Photo: MOCRA).
Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J. September 20, 2019
The Museum of Contemporary Religious Art at St. Louis University stands out for its singular focus on art that is genuinely interfaith.
Valarie Lee James July 15, 2019
Any hand stitcher will tell you: To embroider or crochet slowly mends the spirit, stitch by stitch.
(photo: Evelyn Akhmerov/Unsplash)
Ciaran Freeman July 12, 2019
Part sculpture, part landmark, it is unclear what purpose the structure plays in the public sphere.
An exhibit on Chinese empresses featured a rare display by two Jesuit missionaries whose artwork was in the past largely seen only by royalty and high government officials.