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FaithFaith in Focus
William Hart McNicholsChristopher Pramuk
A conversation between theologian Christopher Pramuk and iconographer Father William Hart McNichols.
Arts & CultureExplainer
Christine Lenahan
A Holy Week poster depicting a young, fresh-faced Jesus in a loincloth, has sparked controversy in Seville, Spain, with many conservatives and Christians calling the work “homoerotic” and “inappropriate.”
FaithFaith and Reason
Candida Moss
Where did our modern conception of hell and its torments come from?
Nicole Winfield - Associated Press
Mauro Pallotta, the Italian graffiti artist known as Maupal, has designed cartoon-like images of Pope Francis around the Vatican for a decade. On Thursday, he sat the podium at the Vatican news conference.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Christine Lenahan
How can ballet, an art form that is so physically and emotionally demanding, enliven women with God's glory?
 The artist Sarah Sze (Georgia Gardner/The Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation)
Arts & CultureArt
Peter Joseph Fritz
Sarah Sze’s art, now on display at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, prompts me to reflect on how God’s loving presence hums in the background of our lives.