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stained glass in a church
Sonja Livingston
Most of us agree that stained glass is lovely and can elevate our experience at church. But how often do we consider the men and women who created these uplifting works of art?
Arts & CultureArt
Jill Rice
During the Reformation, Catholic vestments were targeted for destruction. At the end of the 16th century, only one of these Henry VII copes was left: the one on display today.
Maggie Rogers plays a guitar in front of a microphone
Arts & CultureIdeas
Christopher Parker
Maggie Rogers wrote an album of "feral joy" for "Surrender," the indie-pop artist's second LP.
Arts & CultureCulture
Cristobal Spielmann
Joshua Masterson, the writer and illustrator of "The Catholic Cartoon," uses modern technology to embrace an old-school cartoonist's style.
Arts & CultureBooks
Ron Marasco
Must art always promote a particular idea or ideology? Jed Perl argues that “the artist in the act of creation must stand firm in the knowledge that art has its own laws and logic.”
Arts & CultureIdeas
Stephen McNulty
I spent an evening running the word "Catholicism" through the 20+ filters of a popular AI image generator. The results were both stunning and revelatory.