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FaithThe Good Word
Terrance Klein
A homily for the First Sunday of Advent, by the Rev. Terrance Klein
Juan Billarruem and Maria Bonilla play the part of Joseph and Mary seeking refuge on the night of Christ's birth during a posada at Holy Redeemer Parish in Detroit, Mich., on Dec. 19, 2001. (CNS photo by Audrey Sommers, Michigan Catholic) 
FaithLast Take
Elaine Ayala
The Christmastime sing-along and re-enactment of the Holy Family’s quest for lodging is a joyous Latino tradition that can be shared by all Catholics.
men in military uniform on the no mans land in world war 1
The Editors
For the Christian, hope is the virtue that lives where optimism claims to abide: trust in the assurance of God’s fidelity and the belief that we can participate in God’s faithful action in the world.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Jim McDermott
Anticipation changes the way we look upon the world. It diminishes our sense of burden and heightens our sense of what is possible. Rather than feeling foolish for having bought a lottery ticket, I feel like I came close to greatness.
FaithAdvent Reflections
Gloria Purvis
Danger, death, disbelief appears everywhere. We shall not be overcome.
FaithAdvent Reflections
Rachel Lu
A Reflection for the Thursday of the Fourth Week of Advent