January 2, 2017

Vol.216 / No.1
Gregory PopcakDecember 19, 2016

For people of faith, it can be hard not to view worry as some kind of personal failure.

Arts & Culture
James F. KeenanDecember 22, 2016

In the United States we need in humility to allow ourselves to be judged by the truth.

Politics & Society Signs Of the Times

Moving quickly to strengthen the Section for Refugees and Migrants in the new Vatican department for the Promotion of Integral Human Development, Pope Francis has appointed as under secretaries a Canadian Jesuit, Michael Czerny, and an Italian member of the Scalabrini Fathers, Fabio Baggio. The Vati

Politics & Society Current Comment
The EditorsDecember 21, 2016

The constitutional process for approval of cabinet appointments has rarely seemed so crucial.

Politics & Society Signs Of the Times

Cardinal Paulo Evaristo Arns, known as the “cardinal of the people” and one of the most active voices against Brazil’s military dictatorship, died in São Paulo on Dec. 14. • Pope Francis celebrated his 80th birthday on Dec.

Arts & Culture Books
Elizabeth Kirkland CahillDecember 22, 2016

Maura Clarke might appear to have been a loser in the fight for human dignity. Not so.

Arts & Culture
Eloise BlondiauDecember 15, 2016

News that Springsteen has experienced mental health issues should not disappoint fans, but enrich how they understand a musical legend.