Praised Be Creation

July 20-27, 2015

Vol.213 / No.2
Richard BeckerJuly 09, 2015

“The bird lies still while the light goes on flying.”From “Unknown Age,” by W. S. Merwin Those with strapped-on wingsfor ages dreamt of flying like the birds and fell from cliffs broke limbs or died.But when I ask for the wind’s help getting beyond the mi

(Un)Conventional Wisdom

Will the upcoming election be the most important of our lifetime?

Phil Klay
Kevin SpinaleJuly 08, 2015

Phil Klay won the National Book Award for fiction in 2014 for his collection of short stories, Redeployment. Writing in The New York Times, Dexter Filkins called it “the best thing written so far on what the war did to people’s souls.” A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Mr. Klay s


'The Marquis: Lafayette Reconsidered,' by Laura Auricchio

Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O’ConnellJuly 08, 2015

Francis wants to implement and develop the teaching of Vatican II on collegiality.

People enter a government-run employment office in Madrid.
Signs Of the Times

Harsh criticisms meted out by Pope Francis on free market capitalism have sparked backlash from some fiscal conservatives and have led some people to call him “anti-capitalist” or even a Marxist. In anticipation of his apostolic visit to the United States in September, some are bracing f

The Word
John W. MartensJuly 08, 2015

A couple of days before the release of Pope Francis rsquo encyclical ldquo Laudato Si rsquo rdquo a neighbor and I were discussing rumors about the encyclical and what it might contain concerning the state of the earth and economic systems It was an intriguing conversation because my neighbor