'Pastors, Not Princes'

July 6-13, 2015

Vol.213 / No.1
Signs Of the Times
David StewartJune 24, 2015

‘The hungry nations of the world cry out to the peoples blessed with abundance.’

The Word
John W. MartensJune 24, 2015

Jesus sends apostell his messengers apostoloi out into the world to share his message and his ministry but the sending of the apostles is not so much about traveling vast distances as it is about being present for the people around them Wherever you live that is the place evangelization occ

The EditorsJune 24, 2015

It will take years to take the full measure of “Laudato Si’,” Pope Francis’ new encyclical on the environment, and assess its impact. Pope Leo XIII wrote about the rights of workers in “Rerum Novarum” (1891) in response to the Industrial Revolution, but unions sti

 Daniel Barenboim, center.
Paul J. SchaeferJune 24, 2015

I first listened to the operas of Richard Wagner when I was 11 or 12 years old. I have come to realize that spinning Wagner recordings was more an impish attempt at bravado than evidence of any great love for opera. When I found thick albums of Wagner at the local library and impulsively brought the

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.June 24, 2015

How we understand ourselves as a church guides how we should be in the world.

“Nessun Dorma” (2013), Rome

Timothy J. Clark’s poetic realism

Prayer for Charleston. A prayer circle forms near the Emanuel AME Church as police began a hunt for a 21-year-old suspect on June 17.
Signs Of the Times
Kevin ClarkeJune 24, 2015

Expressions of regret and horror, prayer services and moments of silence across the country followed in the aftermath of a shooting in a historic church in Charleston, S.C. The rampage on June 17 claimed the lives of nine people. Once again the nation faced the grim, inexplicable spectacle of a mass