Return to Havana

June 22-29, 2015

Vol.212 / No.12
A boy carries a wooden timber destined for a mine tunnel in Pamintaran, a remote gold mining community near Maragusan on the Philippines' southern island of Mindanao.
Signs Of the Times

The black market or informal economy threatens workers’ rights, security and protection worldwide, and more must be done to strengthen minimum wages, safety standards and maternity benefits, said Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, who heads the Holy See’s Permanent Observer Mission to the United

Helen M. Alvaré June 10, 2015

The alliance between the man and the woman images God in an irreplaceable way.

The Word
John W. MartensJune 10, 2015

If you want to be transformed by the Messiah the first step is to recognize the Messiah in your midst This means being ready to encounter the Son of God wherever you are and whatever time it is This means inclining not just your ear for God rsquo s voice but your heart for God rsquo s presence D

Archbishop attends Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's closing ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.
Signs Of the Times

A Canadian government investigation used the term “cultural genocide” to describe the experience of aboriginal people, advising that reconciliation within the country “is going to take hard work.” Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission on June 2 called for changes

Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O’ConnellJune 10, 2015

Francis’ visit takes him to ‘the peripheries of the South American periphery.’

Margot PattersonJune 10, 2015

Today the United States reopened its embassy in Havana. Here's what Cubans are saying about the diplomatic thaw.

FAR FROM HOME. A Syrian girl in Turkey awaits a transport to a refugee camp.

From the Middle East, the very cradle of Christianity, come daily headlines that make us want to recoil in disbelief. They accompany images of ghastly beheadings, families torn apart, innocent bystanders mercilessly gunned down and homes torched for no other reason than the faith of their residents.