July 7-14, 2014

Vol.211 / No.1
In Liberia, fighting Ebola
Signs Of the Times

On World Refugee Day, June 20, Bishop Eusebio Elizondo of Seattle, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration, called on the U.S. government to do more to assist Syrian refugees and to protect the rights of children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.• Noting

Faith Faith in Focus
Cora Marie BillingsJune 24, 2014

"I am asked how I can remain Catholic when the church I now serve in had ownership of a member of my family." - Cora Marie Billings, R.S.M.

The Word
John W. MartensJune 24, 2014

The parable of the weeds among the wheat is found only in Matthew and it is an eschatological parable a parable about the Final Judgment For gardeners it evokes memories of hours in the garden distinguishing between weeds and desirable plants which is harder to do than one might think at leas

SHARED DREAM. President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr., Whitney Young and James Farmer in January 1964.
Vantage Point
The EditorsJune 24, 2014

Vantage Point 1964: The editors celebrate passage of the historic piece of legislation.

Member of Iraqi security forces stands guard in front of army volunteers. (CNS photo/Ahmed Saad, Reuters)
Current Comment
The EditorsJune 24, 2014

The recently re-articulated Obama Doctrine is being put to the test by militants in Iraq.

The author singing in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
Generation Faith
Vanessa FulmoreJune 24, 2014

When I am forced to deal with the hatred of prejudice, I know my faith will help me through.

ON GAURD. An Iraqi soldier stands before truckloads of volunteers in Baghdad on June 17, eager to fight Sunni militants converging on the city.
Signs Of the Times

Bishop calls on the U.S. to urge Iraqi political leaders to form an inclusive government.