March 17, 2014

Vol.210 / No.9
Our readersMarch 04, 2014

Football Is Immoral“Fairness in Football” (Current Comment, 2/10) evoked a huge reaction in me. I have often questioned why Americans not only love football, but idolize it. It is our country’s favorite sport and religion.I have asked myself if viewing a football game is an accepta

(CNS photo/Lt. Col. Leslie Pratt, U.S. Air Force handout via Reuters)
Current Comment
The EditorsMarch 04, 2014

Drone strike against wedding party in Yemen violated policy endorsed by Obama, says HRW.

Edward Collins VacekMarch 12, 2014

Religious freedom We were against it before we were for it The papacy at one time unreservedly condemned religious freedom as ldquo madness rdquo but now U S bishops condemn any restrictions on it Earning interest on a loan The Vatican condemned this practice then it allowed the idea and s

Seamus Heaney
Michael DoyleMarch 04, 2014

Remembering Seamus Heaney, weaver of words

Woman with children pack what is left of their belongings following attack in Nigeria. (CNS photo/Reuters)
Signs Of the Times

Nigeria is in a state of shock after the killing of 59 students at a government-run college by Boko Haram Islamic militants in the northeastern state of Yobe during the night of Feb. 25. Two days later another attack on a village claimed 12 more lives. During the school attack, the militants spared

Rhona TarrantMarch 04, 2014

Every evening at 6 p.m., programming on Ireland’s national radio and television broadcaster stops. News and weather are put on hold while a bell tolls, ringing in the pattern 3-3-3-9. This daily observance of the Angelus, the Catholic prayer honoring the Annunciation, is among the longest-runn

PRISON BREAK. Pope Francis blesses prisoners from Pisa and Pianosa jails during a private meeting, Feb.19.
Katarina M. SchuthMarch 04, 2014

Almost everyone has an opinion about Pope Francis. For some time I have been inquiring of my students, co-workers and others in widely varying circumstances what they think of him and why he has so captured the imagination of believers and nonbelievers alike.The responses are telling: Francis emphas