March 17, 2014

Vol.210 / No.9
THE FRIENDLY CARDINAL. German Cardinal Walter Kasper in St. Peters Square last year.
Signs Of the Times

Cardinal Kasper says church could in very specific cases tolerate a second union.

Rhona TarrantMarch 04, 2014

Every evening at 6 p.m., programming on Ireland’s national radio and television broadcaster stops. News and weather are put on hold while a bell tolls, ringing in the pattern 3-3-3-9. This daily observance of the Angelus, the Catholic prayer honoring the Annunciation, is among the longest-runn

PRISON BREAK. Pope Francis blesses prisoners from Pisa and Pianosa jails during a private meeting, Feb.19.
Katarina M. SchuthMarch 04, 2014

Almost everyone has an opinion about Pope Francis. For some time I have been inquiring of my students, co-workers and others in widely varying circumstances what they think of him and why he has so captured the imagination of believers and nonbelievers alike.The responses are telling: Francis emphas

Donna PuccianiMarch 04, 2014

for the night, we decidewe must go nowwhile we can. New York is sinking,we go to Pompei,itself a reminderthat nothing is permanent. Vesuvius erupted yesterday,volcanic ash blanchingthe air above Naples. At the airport, we rent a car,and suddenly we can smellthe sea, feel distended lig

Thomas RzeznikMarch 12, 2014

Jun pero Serra rsquo s instrumental role in establishing the California missions is well known but the contours of his own life have at times been overshadowed by debates over Spanish colonialism and the mission system As an emblem of the religious and colonial system he established along the Cal

Wissam Akiki
Signs Of the Times

Father Wissam Akiki became the first married man to be ordained a priest for the U.S. Maronite Catholic Church on Feb. 27 at St. Raymond’s Maronite Cathedral in St. Louis, Mo. • Thousands lined up at the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus on Feb. 24 in hope of receiving one of

The EditorsMarch 04, 2014

There are few experiences more devastating than being falsely accused of a crime.