September 30, 2013

Vol.209 / No.8
Signs Of the Times

In the United States, hearing the words “it’s a girl,” is a cause for enormous joy and celebration for most people, said Rep. Chris Smith, Republican of New Jersey. “Today, the three most dangerous words in China and India are: It’s a girl,” Smith told a congressi

Ewan McGregor in "Big Fish"
Don ClemmerSeptember 17, 2013

An American paratrooper leaps from a plane, descends through the hazy night sky and lands, unnoticed, directly on the backstage catwalk of a large, U.S.O.-style show. Onstage an Asian ventriloquist performs an expressionless routine before a sea of unmoved military brass with a distinctly Communist

Dennis VellucciMarch 12, 2014

It is the 1941 baseball season and Joe DiMaggio is not content Fans idolize him He enjoys a record-breaking hitting streak His wife gives birth to a son Yet DiMaggio is moody and saturnine besieged by guilt that he is not the hero his fans expect him to be He consumes Superman comic books fr

Our readersSeptember 17, 2013

Letters Versus ArticlesRe “Of Many Things,” by Matt Malone, S.J. (8/12): It seems clear enough that publications like America must find new ways of sustaining themselves in this age of digitized information and opinion, but Father Malone’s suggestion that readers can now be &l

Signs Of the Times

U.S. and Russian negotiators hammered out a deal on the cataloging, securing and disposal of Syria’s 1,000 tons of chemical weapons on Sept. 14, side-stepping a confrontation with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad that could have ended with a U.S. missile strike. The question now is whet

Signs Of the Times

Bishop Stephen E. Blaire of Stockton, Calif., described in detail the financial situation of the diocese in two recent letters to parishioners that were read during weekend Masses. The most recent letter, read during weekend Masses on Sept. 7 and 8, announced the diocese’s plans to consider fi

Antonio Spadaro, S.J.September 30, 2013

“It is not a figure of speech, a literary genre. I am a sinner.”