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December 8, 2008

Vol.199 / No.19
Of Many Things
Dennis M. LinehanDecember 08, 2008

The global consciousness of America's editors

Faith in Focus
James J. DiGiacomoDecember 08, 2008

The second in a series for Advent and Christmas


Easier to Obtain Weapons Than Food?

The current lack of global arms regulations makes it easier to obtain weapons “than food, shelter and education,” said Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Vatican’s observer to the United Nations. Illicit arms trade has turned tensions

Karen Sue SmithDecember 08, 2008

George Tooker (b.1920) is a living American artist whose work, and in some respects whose life, seems especially pertinent to our times. Deeply spiritual and therefore attuned to social injustice and destructive societal trends, Tooker painted his most provocative works as protests against

John Jay HughesDecember 08, 2008

Michael Novak's 'No One Sees God,' reviewed

Robert P. MaloneyDecember 08, 2008

What can St. Joseph teach us?

Current Comment
The EditorsDecember 08, 2008

Still a Catholic Charity; The Faith of the Vice President Elect