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June 18, 2007

Vol.196 / No.21
The Word

Summer is a good time to travel Many of us interrupt the normal flow of life and go elsewhere for a while Travel allows us to meet different people and see different things and we often come away refreshed and renewed At least that is what we hope Today we begin a journey with Jesus and his di

Of Many Things

One of nature’s ironies is that when it comes to wildflowers, the semi-arid West, even the desert Southwest in springtime, outdoes the green-forested East. I am told the secret is sunlight. The open forests and high meadows of the Sierra Nevada or Colorado’s San Juan Mountains seem to sp

The EditorsJune 18, 2007

As Hispanics in the United States increase in number, they will likely exert more influence on the nation as a whole, and especially on the U.S. Catholic Church. For while Hispanics make up 14.2 percent of the populace, they make up more than a third of its Catholics, a percentage expected to increa

Faith in Focus
Alan F. SimekJune 18, 2007

Each year I spend at least a few weeks in the deserts of the Southwest. My favorite places include the high desert canyons of northwest New Mexico, the Great Sonora Desert of Arizona, Death Valley, and the Big Bend area in Texas. Many of my friends in New York City cannot quite understand the attrac

Janice FarnhamJune 18, 2007

At a recent viewing of the film ldquo Into Great Silence rdquo I was mesmerized as the camera circled the austere perimeter of a new Carthusian novice rsquo s cell and oratory stripped of any comforts or signs of individuality And then there she was pasted to the wall near a bare cross a sma

Sean McDonaghJune 18, 2007

With the publication of the report of the fourth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it should now be clear to everyone that climate change is one of the most serious ethical issues facing humanity in the 21st century. Even President George W. Bush, after almost a decade of denial, has used t

June 18, 2007

America Video: Fr. James Martin talks about the spiritual value of humor.