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February 26, 2007

Vol.196 / No.7
Robert K. VischerFebruary 26, 2007

A wave of recent books has left the distinct impression that the harnessing of religious ideals to political power has ushered in a new Dark Ages in American public life In God and the Welfare State Lew Daly departs from the trend of near-hysterical claims by exploring the religious underpinnings

Elizabeth A. JohnsonFebruary 26, 2007

There once was a prisoner, seen as a threat to the state, who was tortured while being held in prison. The story of his torment, which comes to us in four versions, starts with his arrest and interrogation before officials and ends with his being put to death. But between these events open to the pu

Current Comment
The EditorsFebruary 26, 2007

A Target TongueI am not anti-gun, I’m pro-knife, declared Molly Ivins, extolling the knife’s ability to increase physical fitness: You have to catch up with someone in order to stab him. A straight shooter (despite her professed choice of weapons) with accurate aim, Ivins could also writ

John LanganFebruary 26, 2007

John XXIII, in his great encyclical, Pacem in terris (1963), which was written exactly halfway through the course of Robert Drinan’s life, has a passage which puts before us an important goal, the vision of a society of citizens exercising and claiming rights: “It is agreed that in our

Peter HeineggFebruary 26, 2007

In his essay Reflections on Gandhi 1949 George Orwell declared Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent By that standard Leonard Woolf 1880-1969 needs to undergo severe scrutiny since Beatrice Webb called him a saint with very considerable intelligence a man wit

Margaret SilfFebruary 26, 2007

I put my hand in the oven a few weeks ago and scorched myself on the heating element. In normal times this would have been just another domestic accidenta careless mistake for which my skin paid the penalty. But the times were not normal. I was in a dark space following the breakdown of a significan

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonFebruary 26, 2007

nbsp On the Second Sunday of Lent it is customary to read about the transfiguration of Jesus This episode emphasizes by way of anticipation the glorious aspects of the risen Jesus while noting that what awaits Jesus in Jerusalem is suffering and death I want to place today rsquo s readings in th